Thursday, 3 September 2009

Study Group.

Posted a day or two after it was written.

It feels like a while seen I’ve blogged. Been busy. Got sick, got crammed with studying. Got sick for a day or two. Gastric coupled with headache and fever. The fever was worrying, and I got check for H1N1. Oddly, I was expecting two lines. The test is done by putting a very long swab into your nose and putting the swab into a solution. Single line means nothing, double line means jackpot. I got single, duh. Else I wouldn’t be blogging.
The next day I was shivering on my bed like a mad woman with seizures. I just got so cold even though it was like 30 degree celsius, my teeth were clattering. I fell asleep, woke up feeling better and went to Nat’s house to study.
Yenyi, Simkuan and Jason was there. They screamed when they saw me. How dramatic. It was fun, and I’m glad I went instead of whining like a sickie at home. And mind you, I did study, and more importantly, it got me psyched up for PMR. For the 8 MONTHS OF THIS YEAR I was in denial and I didn’t want to care a shit about PMR. It was only until today I finally did revision. I need friends to motivate me. I don’t touch books at home.
After studying Nat said to go for a walk to freshen up our mind. Then we went to the park. Then we played ice and water. Those kiddie times. Tag is fun, and good exercise. I like the thrill of getting chased. Played only two rounds of it. Jason took a short time to finish while I took a looong time. After that we went to sit on the swing and then to the see-saw. The see-saw part was funny. Jason was complaining about how being a guy on a see-saw hurts. 4 of us were trying to fit into the kiddie swing. The seat is so darn miniature. And then seeing that it was National Day, we sung Jalur Gemilang and 31 ogos.
So we initially planned to do study group at Nat’s everyday, but the next thing we knew, her mum wasn’t too happy about this arrangment. I’m not sure how it goes from here, but sure as heck I’ll study like shit. I have a little more than a month to study the seven subjects taught in the span of 3 years. Perhaps it’s a little too late, but I’ll do what I can. My dad expects me to get straight As. I hate people expecting stuff from me. Ugh. But my dad has the right to, since he spent loads on my education. Oh well, I’d be contented if I got 5As.
I studied maths that day. Algebraic Expressions III. The confuzzling one. Which reminds me of the tuition I have tomorrow. I haven’t gone to tuition for like, what, 4 years? Geography and Living Skills concern me. For some reason my school don’t really provide good teachers for those. It is also my fault that I haven’t care much about revisioning. I just feel kind of “buggered” now with all the pressure. Straight As and all.
Today we did the study group thing at Nat’s house as well. After school we walked to her house, it was drizzling and three of us was trying to share an umbrella. Did a bit less work seeing Science is tomorrow’s test. Science’s interesting for me, so I pay more attention at school. Subjects in B.M tend put me off. Did a bit of girly chat. Sim Kuan was a bit worried for a while because her brother fell asleep when he was supposed to fetch her back. Thank goodness he woke up. She was fretting over how to get back home.
When I came home I was dead hungry. I ate rice and soup. No dishes because they weren’t ready. By the time they were ready I was already full. I’d die if I had to wait. I can’t stand being hungry. I get snappy. I don’t know, I feel squeasy, like my blood sugar dipped. I hadn’t had junk food over the weekends. It was just boring bread, congee and biscuits. I was getting so tired of it. Anyways, I am full now and somewhat sleepy.
Oh yeah, I’ve finally gotten my body clock/circadian cycle in check. I slept at 10 yesterday, which was wonderful because I could wake up early and feel refreshed. Aaaah. Sleeping late is so not cool.

Took a break halfway to take pics.