Saturday, 7 November 2009

School holiday. End of the year.

It isn't exactly school holiday yet, but it does feels like it. I go to school 2 times a week. Others, after PMR, I hadn't really see them at all.

Getting serious on being a fashion designer. Scouting for college and university. Diploma in Malaysia, degree in overseas? MIA, PJCAD or Lim Kok Wing?

I figured I'd start small, so I began with making clothes for Sylvanian Family dolls. Used to make them last time. Stop. Took out my brother's old clothes. Snip snip. Get a sewing machine.

Watching Gossip Girl again. Addictive.

Did a facebook account. To store photos, because my friends wanted to see the photos we took. I suppose it's kind of responsibility. Made the album private. Because the photos are private and you do not know what kind of person may be lurking on the site.

I don't like social networking sites. I like talking with people face to face and I don't want to socialise virtually. Socialise sounds like a weird word, anyways. It gives the notion of meeting people as a part of building your network. Unnatural. Using people for benefits. Sounds like making acquaintances is business.

Yesterday there were some drama. I don't even want to mention what happened. But it's fine now, I guess. Kind of fed up of it.

Internet sucks. Got this P1 W1max. There's broadband put when I use it I can't use my mouse. Wi-Fi not good enough. Technology is never reliable.

Hope I don't waste this holiday.