Sunday, 31 January 2010

Church.Shopping.Visiting.Jogging. :D


Started my day with going to church. I thought I was going to suffer since I slept around 2 yesterday. Didn't happen. Going to get BAPTISED this year. YESSSH!

After that went to KLCC. NICE, MAN. Bought new year clothes. From Miss Sixty, AX, burberry, MNG.

And in Burberry I was looking at this bag, and I took it up and put it back again for about 4 times and then my Dad saw what I was doing and he was like, "Get it. Suit kids!".

Hohoho. It's pink, with the subtle burberry plaid. A bit on the casual side. I LOVE IT.

But mind you, it's not like I spend like there's no tomorrow all the time.


And then after that I went to visit Ah Ku's new house. i-Zen Mont Kiara, I think.

The pebble thing is inside the house. The house is tastefully done. My aunt was the interior designer.

Very fun to explore the building. I went to the swimming pool once before, played in the playground for a while with my brother and my cousin.


Oh yeah, went to take my dogs for walk after that. Exercise is great. I hadn't find the time to take my dogs for walk recently, but now I need to crack the whip and get back into action.



Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fry day

Was drawing just now. The girl looks so pretty. Hohoho.

Kind of tired. Glad that I don't have to wake up before 8 tomorrow. Saturday is my only chance. Have to get up on Sunday for Church. Thinking to get baptized soon. Dad isn't so sure about it because he's worried that when he's dead(choi!) I can't pray for him with the joss sticks... I don't like joss sticks/incense. Air pollution. :[

Chinese New Year is coming very soon. Not feeling the mood, yet.

I also lost my yellow kiara shirt somewhere along the way, so today I was punished for not wearing P.E attire. Do sit ups in the basketball court. And it was a nice gesture that Annie, Yih Wern, Xuan, Miao Miao came to give me STRENGTH for the sit ups. Very unexpected indeed.

After P.E the whole class smells, because my class has mostly guys, and they start spraying this Adidas deodorant thing. They got way too into it and sprayed like there's no tomorrow. I felt like puking. All the chemicals in the air suffocating my nostrils.

And then after school I got some sushi from Rakuzen and stuff my face with it. YUMMEH!

REMINDER, GET ADD MATHS TUITION. And buy sports shirt.

Me sleepy. ZZZ

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

I AM A DANDELION. flyflyflyflyfly

This is for civic assignment, what represents me. Some people had really funny objects. The newspaper models. A cow that looks like a pig. A swan that looks like a turtle/stingray.

This is my write-up report thing:

The dandelion get it's name for it's appearance to being akin to that of a lion's teeth. The parachute ball feature is very prominent in the dandelion. Similarly, I have a parachute for safe landing when things go wrong.

The structure of the flower makes it always well watered, which to say that I'm mostly a content person. A dandelion also furnishes considerable quantity of pollen and nectar for the bees while the bees pollinate the flower. In a similar context, I will be nice to whoever who is nice to me. Small insects that crawl up the stem to take it's nectar injures the stem, the bloom hangs down to form a barricade against such invaders. As such, I form barricades against people who try to hurt me. I am afraid of getting hurt.

No matter how cool the weather a small succesion of bloom is always kept till late autumn. This is helpful for beekeepers as they will not have to supply artifical food. I am always loyal and dependable. At the same time, the blooms are extremely sensitive to weather conditions. It's head will close up at once when rain threatens. Similarly, I am a very sensitive person and will run when trouble threatens.

One of the noticeable features of a dandelion is the 'clock'. Under the sun and wind, the seeds that are covered with tufts of hair becomes a fluffy cotton ball. The cotton ball is easily dispersed by the blow of the wind. A breeze can easily leave the bloom naked. Similarly, I am easily see-through and find it hard to pretend.

It gets carried by the wind, going with the flow, as it disperse. I am a carefree and laidback person with little worries, going with the flow. I dislike responsibilities.

It is also considered a weed for farmers, but it is a blessing for beekeepers. Whether I am good or bad to you, it depends. I am happy to be a dandelion and to have found something that truly represents me.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Makan Makan. Cuppy cakes.

Tadi telah makan terlalu banyak. Super Ring, Cottage Fries, Sushi, Muruku Ikan, Yogurt, Kelloggs Bar, Honey Cornflakes, Watermelon. Sekarang padan muka lah, perut sudah mahu bocor.


Sepanjang hari ini duduk di depan komputer dan makan. AIYERRRRRR.


Dan mengapa tulis dalam Bahasa Melayu? Untuk tunjuk semangat Malaysia.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Pet Society.


Who is Taco? Taco is my beautiful pet who lives in pet society.

If you see my wall in facebook it's filled with pet society.

My guilty pleasure and lame addiction.

It's too cute.

I confess:

I spent the whole day on pet society today.
Gee, I'm lame.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Road Run and The Curve

Funnny name. What kind of dessert is a spotted dick? 0.O

We were at borders.

Pretty tired. But I'm not emo anymore. Exercise gives you the lift. Release endorphins and what not. So depressed people should do exercise.

Came to know that a few of my friends cut themselves. It hurts to see that they've marked themselves for life, and for what?

It's even worse if it's over some boy girl relationship problems. :[

Today's outing to The Curve wasn't so well organized, because it was after road run and we wanted to watch a movie but it was getting too late. But still. Glad I did something with my friends. And I can barely have a decent convo with Nat in church. Busy.

And I ate at Sushi King, in the same spot with Nat. It's nice if you know what to order.
Yum Yum!


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


Just saw Mei Yen's blog. After she reads my blog and sees me complaining about her here. Hello Mei Yen!

There's a new girl in my class today. Sits next to me. :D I think a lot of people were curious about her.

Today I couldn't study. In the morning we did trial run for cross country. Delayed cuz it rained for a while. I'm gonna miss cross country when I get out of SSB.

Killing myself over add maths. I'm jealous of the guys in my class who are so carefree and don't have to pay attention in class but understand add maths. HEADACHE. Need tuition.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

New Year

First week of school.

Went to 4 Science 2 instead of Arts 2. Unexpectedly so. But I think I've made the right choice. After giving some thought, Arts subject are all Malay.... not that I'm rascist... I absorb better in English. So I'm taking Art separately. I AM GOING TO BE A FASHION DESIGNER. HOHOHO.

My class is very small. 4 girls, 20 students in grand total. Cuz the girls all went to Art 1.

Tired, binged on food. Can't sleep properly. Again.


Friday, 1 January 2010

New Year's Eve and Eve

Went to the curve. To watch avatar. And to Ben's party afterwards(countdown to New Year's Eve party 0.0).

Sick now. I talk like a tranny. Had sore throat yesterday, then it got worse after having pizza and soda at Ben's house. Was generally grumpy. Got home late, about 1. My dad went to some fortune telling thing, so I had to wait until he was done. Then had to find some 24 hour clinic.

Still smiling and feeling fine. :D

Camwhoring outside a resto. The shelves of books were merely decorations.

Nat and Sim Kuan. Sim Kuan holding Yenyi's pressie. =D

People were staring at us getting excited over Avatar statues.

AVATAR WAS AWESOME. GO WATCH IT. We watched in 3D, at the beginning Natalie wasn't so happy because she was broke and the tickets were exy. Haha. But it's worth the money. VERY DARN FASCINATING. Tis gonna be my favourite movie along with Dark Knight.

I was also wearing glasses when we enter the cinema and it was uncomfortable because I had to wear 2 glasses at the same time. 3D glasses over my glasses. Freaky, so I put on my contact lens in the cinema. Hoho.

Sim Kuan bought a handbag for Yen Yi, as a birthday present. Today's YenYi's birthday. 31.12.09. Last day of d year! Yen Yi's in Genting, I think. Happy birthday, yenyi!

After she bought it she was like, SHIT, SHIT! Because she was broke. We're all broke. Sim Kuan was like, "I'm gonna kill Yen Yi if she doesn't appreciate this." Haha.

It's New Year's Eve. Meiyen asked me to go to her house. They be going to Waterfront. Fireworks? Probably staying in. Ishhh.


But at least mine is just a pity bug. Not some fatal disease. =D