Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sew bad pt 3 + CHURCH

I ended up making Domer as a piece of clothing. It looks like a beggar/bomoh's clothes.

Church today. Camwhored a little...

Someone in my Church saw my blog and was surprised that I actually swear.
Oh yes, I do. I can swear in an oppressively vulgar manner.

But I'm gonna stop, ok? Swearing is repulsive. Yeah. Yeah. Especially for girls.
One last time, though.


Okayyy, so after this I'll keep my blog nice and clean. And if I need words to express anger I'll use fruits or something. Like, orange you! Or, what the strawberry was she thinking?!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Sew Bad pt2

My first machine sewn thingy!
The lines were crooked, but hey, it didn't fall apart.
(If you are an experienced sewing machine user, dont laugh, OK?)

I hereby name it Domer!

The sewing machine felt a bit violent to use. Needle was continuously stabbing Domer.
So sorry, Domer. I had to stab you with needles to make you.

I spent a good hour lolling over what I did wrong and realized I forgot to put in the bobbin for the lower thread. Seeing the machine wind the bobbin is FUN!

Sew bad.

Bought a sewing machine today. Wanted a Singer, they only had Brother.


But I'm a thousand miles away.

See what I mean?

I can't even use a sewing machine, what more on constructing a garment!
I can sketch fashion, but making fashion is an entirely different matter.

But I will persevere. I can have crazy determination when I have a passion for something.
Ok, so for my goal this year, is to make a real piece of garment.

Or if I can't then I'll be a fashion designer for Sylvanian Families or something...I made their clothes! :D
See the pumpkin? It was merely drawn-on.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Was too free in school and ended up doing this lovely portrait for shao yang. I couldn't stop laughing... hohoho... such uncanny resemblance.

He's always having fresh copies of newspapers and sits cross-legged.
I hope he doesn't flip when he sees this in my blog. :D

Everyone is still lethargic. Whatever. Tomorrow's holiday. I think the sun is sucking the life out of us.

Random convo today:
"I'm gonna be a good boy this year."
"I don't want to swear anymore. I'm trying not to say shit, fuck-"
"You just said it."

I want to stop swearing, too. :(
I don't want to be a repulsive cussing sort of woman.

I like to blog. I've got the blogging mojo (as Yenyi puts it).
It's... the story of my life. :D

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Melting in the heat


I mean the weather. The like a burning fire of fury.

Came back from Zhi Qi's house and quickly took a shower. Unwittingly passed by her house a few times before while walking my dogs.

She was also from Q'Dess. Creepy, eh?

People in my class keep snoozing. A little bored today. Glad that Friday is holiday.

Chatted with some ppl I've not seen for years on facebook. My msn sudah cacat.

It's easy to talk without being face to face, but I hate it when you have a lot to talk virtually, on fb, on msn, but in reality they act like strangers.

There was once, where I'd talk a heck load with this guy, and then in school we're strangers, when we pass by we don't acknowledge each other.

It is pretty weird and awkward now that I think about it.

And that is about all :D

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


I like school, except sometimes it gets pretty tiring. Long hours. But I like laughing with friends. A lot of jokers in my class.

Ping Kuang as usual turned a beautiful mandarin song into an ultra lewd one.

Jin Fye keeps reciting "Beyond the Realm of Conscience" lines. He's a guy, and he's trying to imitate some vile concubine.

Tavia Yeung from the movie.
I like her acting.

In my class there were two unpleasant "aroma". Namely the deodorant spray thingy and durian sweets brought by Mei Yen. The deodorant is utterly repulsive when overused.

I think it would be a good idea to bring face mask. :)

Monday, 22 February 2010

14 ppl came

to school today.

But I don't really regret going to school so much, because I only came to school at break time. Counted as absent, though. I wouldn't do it normally, it was because Mei Yen told me there was sports practice. I hate sports practice, because sports also hate me. :/

During accounts I laughed too much until I convulsed and banged my lip. It bled a little. :D

Passed up my composition. Title was love. Mine was about a pretty girl who made herself fat to find true love and became a fat women's ambassador...

Am tired, but I'm not to complain since I had 8 hours of sleeeeep! Amazed that Sim Kuan managed to come to school with an hour of sleep! I get pissed when I'm sleep-deprived, which is kind of often...


Saturday, 20 February 2010

Lion Dance and Camwhoring

Watched lion dance. TeeHee!

Photo editing is fun. But it also encourages you to be vain... Er-hem... It's very convenient to merge a few photos into one, though! Save me from uploading tons.

Photo editting





Tuesday, 16 February 2010


For a long time I didn't play my nintendo DS. Then, just realized Scott deleted my game. After nicely decorating and upgrading the shops. :(

He was spitting the food out I think. :D

Eating dim sum here.

Went to some relative's house. They are all siblings. SO CUTE.

They were pleasant enough. The twins are very cute. The elder brother kept saying, "Oi! Kick!". Same age as Scott, but he looks older.

Actually I like seeing kids grow up. Like relatives whom I see once a year. And every year they've grown up a little.

Monday, 15 February 2010

2 in the morning

My sleeping cycle is messed up. :D


Came back from my dad's hometown, which is Bentong. On the way back there was an accident, a little traffic jam there.


First I did was count Ang Paus to see how much $$$. Then store it in the bank. I like getting interest from the bank. :D

At Bentong, with firecrackers. We go to that house every year. My late grandfather's brother lives there. His two sons have seven sons altogether. 7 out of 7 boys. Super genes, right?

Was hot. Sweaty. Adults gambling. Glad Yvonne is there. Watched Curse of The Golden Flower.

Now I've watched it again and realised I didn't understand the movie last time. Now it feels much more interesting. Gonna watch it again. And Gong Li's cleavage so super, right? SUPER.


Sunday, 14 February 2010


I'm tired and sleepy, eyes stinging from joss sticks. But I have an urge to blog. The internet is ADDICTING. Bad thing the connection sucks.

As Chinese may all know, today is for family reunion dinner. "Dinner" was at 5.30pm because we booked too late. At Grand Imperial. Usually go there for dim sum.

Happy to see my cousin Yvonne. Rarely get to see her!

When to my aunt's apartment afterwards. Uncle said we should come, the adults play mah-jong while the young ones go swimming. I LOVE THE IDEA. Bak pepatah, kill two birds with one stone.

Relatives :D

And then went to aunt's actual house. I was trying to spy around the neighbourhood for a while because Weng Hock lives there. But to no avail. Haha.

And then back to my house. Burned firecracker at midnight. Grandma set up the tables with the candles. Came the praying part. I didn't want to take the joss stick.

Joss sticks. Aunt asked me NOT to baptized. Ridiculous. I was like, "But I'm a Christian!". She's a Christian but she's catholic, can pray using joss sticks for ancestors(I'm prostestant). I need to baptize. Will ask church people on this...

Geez, the thing about joss sticks. I don't mean to disrespect my ancestors. Praying from the bottom of my heart is better than using joss sticks. People are just materialistic. They need things they can see and feel. That's why there's idols and statues. :(

Tomorrow. OH DANG. I just realized I need to get up early. BALIK KAMPUNG DAY FOR TOMORROW. Bentong, Pahang.

I am also happy to hear the firecrackers in the sky. Saw some, too.


Friday, 12 February 2010


Lunch today, the weird plump kid talked to us. After he went, Zhi Qi said he always says that there's two girls chasing him. So I went like, "It's Ghost..." and Zhi Qi really bought it and went ballistic. Zhi Qi is very darn dramatic (can't stand it sometimes :D).

I went to the toilet with Mei Yen afterwards. School toilet can be spooky sometimes.... Right after, Zhi Qi came in and Mei Yen left. I decided to wait for Zhi Qi outside(wanted to see the mirror-ish thing).

Then when she came out she was shouting, I thought she was being plain dramatic, then she told me she saw a figure wearing blue shirt or something. Of course she was freaked out, said the thing dissapeared.

There was no one else except her in the toilet, the "figure" she saw was in the cubicle I used... eeks. Before that, after using that cubicle I thought I saw something in the mirror while I was washing my hand but there was nothing when I looked closer.

Don't know what is that about.... Probably we were too spooked. I DUNNOH.


Last night on my bed I was thinking about life after Sri Bestari. I've been there all along, since 7, it's like a second home. I wonder if I'll keep in touch with my friends then.

Thursday, 11 February 2010


My keyboard is sticky. My dad ate orange while using my laptop. :(

Holiday hasn't started but I'm in the mood already. Lazy to do homeworks. People were a bit zombie-ish today.

Valentine gifts were given out. Oddly, the ones who received were boys(my class). Fikri made some rose juice by crushing the petals.

Shao Yang got gang-banged. Nam takes it very seriously. HE USED HIS LEGS. I don't know what's up with guys touching each other's private parts... 0.0

And that kind of sums up my day.

Right now I'm eating Roti Planta. Everyday(almost). Before that was Chicken Rice, and before that was CheeCheongFun. I don't get bored eating the same thing. :S

Going to take care of Nat's dog, "Baby" for a few days when she balik kampung. Baby is a very fat and white shih tzu. Looks like a sheep. :D I'm gonna feed it dry kibbles. No steak or ribs for baby. She eats even better food than humans. :(

Monday, 8 February 2010

Sex hand and fireworks.

During assembly today it was announced that no more birthday celebrations will be allowed in school. Pooh! They treat us like robots.

People also sang Negaraku loud. Not sure why.

I am wondering why there's no boom in the skies. Not yet?? Normally during Chinese New Year fireworks will go off like crazy. I like that.

Some years ago my father bought this big packet of fireworks and light it up somewhere at 11. A Russian man came wielding a stick(came from behind my block). He was so... aggresive. He said a bunch of expletives. Mad because her daughter woke up of the fireworks or something. My brother was like, "If there's a Thunder and her daughter wakes up? Scold God too?". The thing is he wasn't used to our Chinese culture. My uncle flipped when he tried to hit my nephew or something. Big drama. Haha! But he was outnumbered because my relatives were there and there was just him.

Mei Yen brought this palm reading thing. Not sure if it's accurate, but it's interesting! Lester got the special one and he kept bragging it. Because it says that he cares more about sex than love and is more likely to have one night stands he kept saying, "OWH, I HAVE A SEX HAND!". Me and Mei Yen's were down-to-earth and tolerant with faults. Actually I'm a pretty impatient person.

Am preeetty tired, just got 7 pages of piano theory homework.

Friday, 5 February 2010




I bought a copy of ERING to see if there's any drool-worthy phones.

I am absolutely flabbergasted by the blatant spelling error. In one of the articles, this guy went, "Extreamly good." WTF?! How can they allow such error in a national magazine?! Editors?!

Anyways, I'm trying to find a replacement for my phone because the cover got eaten by my dog. So the wiring and etc are half-exposed.
Here's what I'm considering:

I like phones with fun colour, don't really care about the specs. I'm choosing between SE Jalou and LG lollipop. The reddish LG lollipop is only available in Korea, but it's the one I like the most.
Maybe I'll get a blue phone. Pretty bored with pink phones all the time... But pink phones are cute. Ugh. I can't decide. Hadn't see the phones in person, though.

They look so yummy. Dying to get my hands on them!

A lot of people either really love pink or really hate pink. I have three pink phones! Pinkness of gadgets!

What to do?

It's raining outside and I've just woken up from my nap.

I'm full! Bloated! Bought sushi from Desa Park City. Rakuzen. Saw so many bestarians. Shao Yang, Jason Chin, King Jiat. Also saw Xian Jiong coming for guitar lessons.

I'm so full!!!!!
I have two dilemmas now. Trying not to gain weight in Chinese New Year, and Desmond's party.

My father is busy tonight, so I don't really have transport. If I cannot go, Sim Kuan and Mei Yen are not gonna like it... like I'm flaking out on them!

Also somewhere during maths, Theng Loo said I looked like this *girl* so I got damned insulted, then kept complaining to Mei Yen and then we kept laughing and disturbing the class until the Maths teacher got pissed. Seriously, the hysterical bone was activated and every little thing was so funny. Mei Yen ended up lying on the floor laughing. I had a slight tummy ache. Ish. Simone kept asking what it was about but we couldn't tell her, because I was complaining about how repulsive that person was. After laughing Mei yen felt guilty about it.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

New furnitures

Chinese New Year. Today's handyman's day. Nauseous from the noxious gas spewed from a lorry. UGH.

New furniture moved in in between runts and grunts. Actually if someone wants to do some bodybuilding and earn some money at the same time, they should try moving furnitures!

The new sofa looks kinda odd, but maybe it will grow on me. The previous one is tattered and smelly, because my dog enjoyed peeing on it. My fault, I know. But I still like the sofa though. The new one is leather. Those reclining ones...

I don't think I'll be a gracious host though, because most of them I just wish that people can go on and do their own thing.

Mei Yen as usual did her chicken laugh. I tried to imitate her, which I think was a success because Fikri went, "Shut up la Mei Yen, bising ni!". Mei Yen was clueless because she was doing her own work that time. Hoho.

Also, I was this close to liking someone, but then I saw his armpit hair and got very grossed out. No, actually it's also something else. But anyways, not having hallucinations anymore. Ugh.

I feel like incapable of liking someone. But then, this may be good, because sometimes you when you like someone you get obsessed about the person.

There was also a teacher whom we weren't sure was pregnant or not. If she ain't pregnant and you ask her then it would be implying she's fat... Sometimes, when I see pregnant woman, the first thing that comes to my mind is that they had sex.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010


And today I finished one personal pan pizza(hawaiian tuna) plus a garlic bread from Pizza Hut.

I felt bloated. Managed to take my dogs for a run.
And one of the Malays was like, "Nanti berak ni."
Oh gee, can't you see I have a plastic bag in my hand? Do I have to explain what it's for?


During English we talked about WEDDINGS. We have Cina, Melayu, India and Korea in the class so we talked about each of them.

And talking about weddings, Zhi Qi the new girl was labeled as Mrs.Ding. As in Ding Chew Shen's missus.

Word is that they've divorced recently.

NOLA JUST KIDDING. And there is something I want to comment, but can't. :[

Theng Loo told me he got slapped by his tuition teacher. He asked, "Teacher, have you made love before?". He also got slapped by Yvonne. His mouth makes him an ultra slap magnet.

Brother bought an LCD from eBay. When my Dad saw it he was like, "No wonder my card got maxed out." Srsly.

And also Dad is hogging my laptop, playing mahjong titans. There's another laptop in the house. I don't like sharing my laptop, but if not for him I would not have my laptop, so I can't argue.

It's just that... laptop is a very personal thing... and all my epithelial cells are all over the keyboard.

AHA! It's also pink.

Some people get disgusted by pink. But I really love pink.

Zhi Qi also hates pink, but she wears a pink watch and has a pink bag, reason being that those were gifts from other people. Lol.