Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Feeling a little emo and dull today. PMS-ing? Dunno. Being a girl, sometimes I feel down but I don't know why either. :( But as fast as it comes, it goes.

But doing Art assignment was fun! Took about 3 hours, was supposed to hand it in next week, but this is my favourite assignment! Design school uniform. Finally, something about clothes!

Hey, I think this is the longest time I've spent on doing an art assignment. Because the teacher wanted three looks for boy and girl. Said principal wanted to see or something.

Our school uniform: GREEN GOODNESS

And that is all. Nothing else to tell. Haha. Took a shitty nap. I hate take naps. When I do, I can't sleep at night because my "naps" are longer than 3 hours. See, now it's almost midnight and I'm blogging.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Dog and dog

Lucian obeying the sit! command
Drinking from my cup!

Took some pictures with iPhone. Clear! Nice, but hard to camwhore with it.

Today was fun, at school. :D A lot of funny things happened. But some of them are humiliating to write down. For the person.

Finally switched to commerce(from Add Maths). Happy I made the decision. I am not mathematically inclined!

Sim Kuan's birthday. Oddly today it's her birthday and she gave me my present. Lol. Two headbands! How thoughtful! :D She must've read my blog.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SK! Oh yeah, RAIMI TOO! TOMORROW IS MING WAI'S! He was like "nobody will celebrate one lah!". xD

Just realised Accounts punishment starts tomorrow. Lasts a whole darn month. Don't know what it's about. Teacher decided to start on April Fool's. April Fool's is an annoying day! People always try to fool you. =.=

And I am not going to eat Roti Planta. At least not everyday. I saw the abang slapped on so much of margarine and sugar! Going to die from clogged vessels.

Am going to change my blog's look. Feels a bit too pink now. :/ I've never change it before.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

iPhone & peace.

I'm sorry if the previous post has grossed you guys out. The fact about animal cruelty!

And today at Church, wow, the people gave me a different point of view about the situation. I reacted to it in a very human way. Got angry and started cussing. Again some of the church ppl saw my blog, commented on the language. I got language/cussing problem. In school it's not a problem because everyone's like that, but other places, yes.

Oddly I feel calm now. Don't want to care about the stolen phone anymore. My fault for losing it. Though I hope that the person who took it will know that stealing is something very wrong. Like Vincent! He apologized in the chat thingie---> Before that I still got a bit like.... grudge. But now OK, because he apologized. More than once. :) Thank you.

Bearing a grudge is anyway very tiring.

OK, dad abruptly got me an iPhone. He was scared that I'd bug him because I'm phoneless. Making a new glasses was already very inconvenient. He was rightly annoyed with me.

My brother wasn't angry that I lost his phone. Wow. He didn't even raise his voice. He was just, "Yeah la, there are theives in the school.". Maybe he prepared himself already the moment he handed over the phone.

I'm clumsy. :(


White colour one. Because my dad already has a black one. I'll tell you what, actually I didn't want iPhone because it doesn't look cute and my dad uses it, and so does everyone. But after using, it is very useful(Ok a bit of a pointless statement)!

And look, bought some stickers and made it look as childish as possible! The iPhone looks very business-ish and practical. I stuck a babi sticker! Turned the "I love you" upside down because it was way too cheesy to be read. NOW I'M HAPPY.

Tap tap revenge is very very fun! iPhone apps are amazing! Officially iPhone convert! Forget about SE Jalou! Can download videos from youtube to iPhone using RealPlayer. Or just watch it on Youtube!

My dad got the iPhone through Maxis, so it's cheap. But as usual terms and conditions apply. I feel sorry for causing my dad go through so much of trouble. Have to wait for abt 2 hours in the Maxis store.

Ok, that is all, I hope that the person who took my phone will one day realise what he did was wrong. Otherwise, case closed!

Friday, 26 March 2010

Wake up, people! 1, CRUELTY FOR FASHION.

My blog should have content warning but I don't want to trouble my readers to press the button everytime.

It's nice to be ignorant about an animal's suffering, but someone posted a video of a pregnant cow being slaughtered on facebook.... So I started searching some stuff. Gaining knowledge about animal cruelty is suffering. Because we watch them suffer.

It is easy to blame the people who get their hands bloody, but we should also blame ourselves because we drive them to do it. Supply and demand. If nobody wants to buy fur, nobody would make fur.

After seeing how the animals suffer I think that having my phone stolen is just a minute issue. Oh well, I was lucky to have a phone in the first place. I care about animals more because we hold their fate in our hands. (cheesy :D)

KAY, I love animals but I admit being a bloody hypocrite(unsconsciously sub-consciously and consciously). I use leather. I eat chicken(but not pork/beef/etc).

BUT THUS, I SHALL CHANGE. NO MORE LEATHER. And if I ever manage to be a fashion designer one they I won't use materials which causes the animals to suffer. CRUELTY-FREE FASHION. Like Stella McCartney!

FUR & LEATHER, because we have to rip their hide off. Images are particularly graphic. Not gonna lust for designer handbags. Those which contains... animal carcass.

The animals farmed for their fur are kept in small, barren cages averaging 90x30x40 cm and stereotypical behaviour like self-mutilation and cannibalism occur. They are killed by gassing, neck-breaking or anal electrocution.

I could point you to some links where German-shepherd dogs and badgers are being skinned alive, and they are still alive when all the skin has been taken from their bodies, but these are too harrowing and sickening. I cried uncontrollably when I saw these covertly taken videos and was shaken for weeks (I am still very angry when I think about it, not to mention some of the sick comments). I will not put you through this, you need to take my word for it.
(Passage taken from somewhere else, links above & below)

One day I'm gonna print out these graphic images and hand it out to anyone I see wearing fur. None in Malaysia, I'm glad. Because it's nonsense to wear fur in 36 degree celsius!


The silk worm needs to make a hole in the cocoon in order to emerge in its new-and-improved moth form. But that hole damages part of the cocoon — and the profits — of silk farmers, so before the silk worms can get that far, they're either gassed, steamed, or boiled to death: within their cozy shells. The only silk worms allowed to play out their cycle are those designated to be the breeders to keep the industry going.

Each cocoon will only yield a very, very small amount of silk. For this reason many thousands of cocoons are required to gather enough silk for a garment. For instance, to produce just 40kg of silk, 200kg of cocoons are required and 11.25 tonnes of mulberry leaves. 2500 silkworms are needed just for slightly less than 0.5kg. So, for 40kg, nearly a quarter of a million silkworms have to die.

Sheep are subject to much of the same types of cruelty as other animals used in agriculture: castration without anesthetics, docked tails, inhumane transport, and disease.

A sheep is shorn for the first time when they are about 14-15 months old. They are then shorn annually. Early season shearing in wet, windy and cold conditions mean that the sheep may die from exposure and disease.

Australia, which produces 25-30 percent of the world's wool, uses the particularly brutal method of "mulesing" to prevent problems with fly and maggot infestations. Mulesing solves the problem by cutting out chunks of skin, without painkillers, so the sheep will regrow scar tissue that won't attract flies. Sometimes those wounds end up attracting flies, but the farmers will cut their losses as long as enough sheep stay healthy enough for it to be profitable. The all-important bottom line also means that the shearing process itself is typically brutal because the focus is on time and money, not the animals. has some awakening posts on issues like poverty, war, human trafficking.


Whatever. :(

Today wasn't so good.
I was tired of thinking about the stolen phone. It's annoying having to suspect my classmates. UGH.

And sometimes the boys can be insensitive. Ding keep on patting on my cheek. He wants to slap me but he doesn't dare so he keeps doing that. Annoying, man. He really loves to pick fights. And then Theng Loo directed some stupid misogynistic comment. "All woman don't have brains." But he apologized later. :) And others were also pissy mood like me and insensitive.

It's frustrating to tolerate with insensitive guys. They think it's funny to be rude. I don't know. Maybe it's their way of being friendly? They like to tease.

Ding and Kwok Shien fought a little yesterday. Ding accidentially kicked the soup and that as usual Kwok Shien's mouth kicked into action and scolded Ding. And Ding kind of over-reacted and kicked the soup again. And again. Until the plastic bag came off and the tupperware split soup and the cultery holder broke. Ish.

As usual Nicole came to stop them before they fight. So it's not really a physical fight, just verbal fighting. Shouting. Whole class silent except for them.

But today they were playing basketball. Ding keep on trying to block Kwok Shien. Dunno. Probably OK already. When guys fight they will confront each other, girls they mostly avoid each other. Got example.

Two bestfriends are fighting because of a guy or something. Ish. So long friends, no need care about the guy. The guy is anyway, a player. Urm. Dunno lah.

I don't like it when guys really lose their temper-along with their minds. When they're in that mode, they just want to fight. Even if you apologize they'll step over your head. Girls will just cry lah.

But anyway, if a guy wants to pick a fight. Don't do it sitting down. Ask him to stand up. And then knee him in the groins or something. Or jab the eyes. It's annoying that I can't keep a straight face when someone tries to confront me. I always laugh. Smiling is a submissive feature, you know?

And hey, Fikri found back his phone. His "friend" stole it. He saw him using it so he took it back. Curse the fucktard who took my phone.

Guat Tyng is coming to my class. I wish Nam was still in my class. I want to comment about some stuff, but I can't. Dang dang! It's annoying to dislike someone. Also tiring to be suspicious of classmates.

AND, about yesterday tuition:

The teachers were full of sexual innuendos. Went for two subjects. Both like hamsap jokes. Ugh. But OK I did laugh.

For Malay we were doing an essay on "Perpaduan" (unity of race, etc). And the the teacher went like, "Got cindian, cinlay, and cibai." First two is chinese-indian, chinese-malay. The last one is a hokien cuss word.

And then for English the teacher asked what we like to play. A guy answered
"I like to play chess".
Then the teacher went and say,
"OK. Don't tell me you like to play chest."
And he said during arm-wrestling girls have the upper hand. Surprisingly. It's if they wear low-cut clothing. He said, "So big....... the eye."

It's just a one time thing. The English teacher doesn't like Sri Bestarians. Made some rude comments. Said he was polite(not). He's also sarcastic. Said private school students "lan ci". Sombong. Arrogant. Because he teaches home-tuition with some Bestarians.

They weren't good at English, and he generalized the whole Sri Bestari students. Said we all have bad English. Pfft.

OK, that is all. Shit you losers who steal.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

WTFBQQ someone stole my phone

I am confirmed someone took it. At first I wasn't sure because I'm a careless person. I was hoping I'd misplace it or something. NO.

In the car just now, tried to call my phone number. It went through. Then 2nd time, someone turned off the phone. BITCH.(bad words starting to spew)

My phone was safe until the last period. Which was CSA. BITCH. Packed bag before going to computer lab. About 20 minutes later, came back. Phone lost. Phone was in my spectacle case. Specs was also inside. Nice. Phoneless & almost blind. Survive through contact lens.

What the fuck man? Can they just take the phone? MY FUCKING SPECS. What do they need it for? I'm blind. Marc Jacob specs. FUCK FUCK FUCK

Brought the phone because I was going to try Kasturi tuition later. Damn man. I was telling Mei Yen, Rm2800 for one tuition class. Because that's how much the N97 costs. And OMGFUCKBQQ my glasses too. It was about RM800.

The only people who knew I brought handphone was Ding, Zhi Qi, Vinoth and Nicole. Took it out during BM to show my brother's pic, because she asked how my bro look like once. I did it furtively lah. Went to the back of the class weyh. Did it under the desk. Ding keep on trying to snatch it(wanted to see). Ding's style lah.

I'm thinking it's someone from our class who took it, and I hate the thought. We're classmates. I trust them. It sucks to think one of them are waiting a chance to steal something. What the heck about bestari being one family? I hope it's someone I don't know. :/

I hope that whoever stole it will have everything precious to them stolen. I hope that whoever stole it won't try to act friends with me. I hope that it is not someone from my class.
It's gross to be friendly with someone who betrayed me. This is the part that gets to me. It reminds me of the form 1 thing.

Let it be the janitor, some other punks. Like some loser who always try to go through people's bag to see if there's any valuables to steal.

Fikri got his iPhone stolen too(he found it back).

Moral: Bringing phone to school is bad, keeping your phone in your spectacle case is bad, leaving your phone unattended is worst.

And damn, that phone is my brother's. HAHA. Laugh in my face. And people asked me to report, but really, they're probably gonna be like, "Told you so."

Ok I am thinking pretty childishly. And a lot of bad words. Calvin(Calvin & Hobbes) said, "Those who don't know any bad words have it harder in life." OK this is a rant, spewing expletives.


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

07/08 Recollections & school

This was when I was 13 and had a very annoying nickname because of someone and people keep on irritating me with it so I keep on cussing. Ugh. Developed cussing habit. Had sleeping problems too.

But I was very happy that year. Moving into secondary and stuff. Fun class, too.

Pretty bored at school today. Had co-co. I don't like St.John. Chun Yen was PMS-ing and shouting all over the place, goodness. He was like,
"KEEP QUIET! SHUT UP! Every morning assembly also noisy still not enough is it! HAR?!
He's usually quite in class. :D And then there's the fee to pay. UGHHH.

By the way, am dropping add-maths, switching to commerce! If possible. Asked teachers. Fikri and Nicole might switch. I suck at maths. Modern maths, add maths, whatever maths. My weakness weyh. Today Wei Kean came to Science 2(from Science 1). Lester and Nam gone, Science 1. Feels like the closeness gone.

Another photo. Form 2 I think. Mei Yen's house.

Got our yearbooks today. A lot of crossdresser photos from our form. Motivation camp and academic week performance. Ding in dress, stockings, and heels. He looked so pretty. Laughed like bananas. Asked mei yen to see it too. PAGE 72!

After co-co the guys changed their clothes in class, and then the Art 1 guys came too. Asked Mei Yen why, she said, "Because Art 1 got a lot of girls." No wonder.

Urm. I have to say this. Guys have better bodies than girls. At least my form/class. The tummy! Most girls have flabby tummy because they don't like exercise. Spotted muffin top in toilet after co-co. Like this:

Even girls who look slender(supposedly)have muffin top! A tip for guys! So don't be surprised!

Ok, am gonna check if I have muffin top. If I do then I'll... urm... have Lucian make me run it off.


Monday, 22 March 2010

Headband madness.

Ok, first...

What a ripoff! Barely noticeable difference but huge gap in prices.


Blair again. :D Gossip girl.

Nicole richie in Lionel Richie's music video.

Second last is from Luella Bartley. She's a pretty well-known fashion designer from UK. The last is from Rachel Weissman.

And I confess, I am probably going to buy more headbands. Or make some. I don't know. There's always fads. Sometimes as suddenly as it comes, it goes. But probably not this one, because it's something I'll wear everyday.

A few people noticed the hairband thing, some complimented. And then, Theng Loo said, "Oi, act cute?". Really a =.=" moment. Haha. No. Hairband is replacing hair pins.

Lastly, how not to wear ur headbands:

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Hatch Day

Quoted from Stephy. Translated, I was born today. Well, 16 years ago! I am glad to have lived another year.

But today is just like another other day, except getting wishes from people. Bombarded with them at Church. THANK YOUUU. Isaac also has the same birthdate as me. :D

Sim Kuan was the first one to say happy birthday. On midnight. Very cute and thoughtful gesture!

A lot of friends remembered, because of the facebook phenomena! Got about 33 "happy birthdays" from friends right now on fb. Haha, thanks!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

1U & Headbands.

Today, went out with my besties to 1U. Supposedly other people were coming, but na-da in the end. Spotted a lot of bestarians. 7 times.

Spotted Shao Yang and King Jiat, again. Saw them at DesaPark before. First word Shao Yang said was, "Facebook-", referring to the "lovely portrait" I've drawn. Of him. He wasn't pleased.

Other people were Adam, Chia Swing, Jck Sng, Charles, and some others. Damn lots.

Faithfully took pics. Nat played piano while Chuckie was sniffing around. Becoming an obssessive blogger. Blogging is nice. Life is worth remembering. Ok that was cheesy.

WE ALL LOVE SUSHI. I like sushi zanmai. Sushi King is OK.

Mei Yen was dissatisfied because her hana-saki wasn't fresh. Can tell by the crispiness of the seaweed. So she asked for the fresh one. I saw the fresh one, I wanted one too. And then Natalie saw us, she asked for one. Hana-saki fever.

Went to MPH. Saw this giant dictionary, screamed at me to take picture. Like kampung people. And then the people at MPH didn't let us take photo. Wonder why. Free publicity on my blog wei!

I love headbands.

Bought a lot of them. Am not buying anymore! Splurged on the ones at Forever 21. Most were RM7! The ones at accesorize was about RM30-Rm50! Bought some at Deeper Harder. And one more at Roxy. YAY

1U stuff are rigged anyways, because the rental fees are high so the shops have to up their prices.

I didn't notice so many headbands in shops before. I thought it was because of Blair from Gossip Girl. I like.

Headband is gonna be my trademark. I wanted to grow my hair long, but if I do then I have to tie my hair. Headbands are fun. Will suck, though if school have strict regulations for wearing headbands. Bought blacks ones.

That is all. Tired. Had fun with my besties. Have to go out for dinner. Smelly. Hadn't shower yet. It's weird, I've been doing nothing for the past week and now there's like a lot to do.

Trying tuitions next week. Kasturi. Spying. teehee!


Last night there was ice cream nite for teens in church. The reason I knew was because it was on facebook as an event. Haha.

It was fun. Games and ice cream decorating. Only had 1 minute to decorate, rushed, sulked when people gave me sad faces(the point-giving system) for my ice cream.

Now, waiting for Mei Yen to come to my house. Going out to watch Alice in The Wonderland.

Last night, chatted with Mei Yen for 2 hours from abt 2 in the morning. A lot of stuff to talk. Didn't see each other for long since holiday.

And I miss school. Serious.

Friday, 19 March 2010

2007/08 Recollections :DDD (travelling)

Pics! From 3 years ago! Form 1 or Form 2.

Let me reminisce the old times :D Dug them from my computer. And also because I hadn't posted anything interesting lately. This thingy will have a few parts. This one is about travelling. Because it's holiday and most people are travelling.

This was somewhere in Macau. Went to Hong Kong as well but didn't take much photos there. Lots of casino. Nearly every hotel had one. I think I stayed at Wynn. Or not. Not sure if it's Wynn on this trip. My brother didn't come with us for the first time(this trip) because he was in US, and when we stayed at Wynn my brother was there, too. Can't remember, man. :(

The photos on the left in the first photo are taken on the waterfall. There, the water spouting in the pic above. Looks diff because it was at night. Nice hotel lah. Can see the watefall from the hotel window.

Macau is more for adults. Obviously rich adults because it's about gambling and shopping. Lots of designer shops inside the hotel.

Next stop, Thailand.

Took an elephant ride! Very high and rocky. One of the elephants stopped to take a dump. Went with my cousin. Spotted a pregnant monkey somewhere.

Went snorkelling for the first time. Pretty fun, but the fishies were harder to spot because the water wasn't so clear. I was very, very excited at that time. Lots of salty water got into my mouth.

Next stop, Italy and Austria!

I loved this one most. The architeture is very nice and romantic-ish. I could just imagine Romeo and Juliet there.

When the plane touched down, our luggages hadn't. Had to borrow clothes from our tour members. Damn cold.

Went to Mozart's house, in... in... Salzburg, Austria. Can't remember well. They sold these chocolate balls called Mozart Krugal. Ok, googled it, it's spelled Kugel. Nice chocolates. Bought a lot, lasted for the trip.

Rode in a horse carriage. At where the horses were resting it was... very smelly poo-poo.

Fed pigeons.

Another pic:

Clockwise from left:
I love that pic of my gramma feeding pigeons. So artistic!

The next one is an awkward pic of the leaning tower in Pisa. I didn't know how to pose.

And then the statue that looks like Adonis. What compelled me to take his pictures was his very boldly scuplted genitals. In Malaysia, you'll never see this sort of thing. But this is of course, Art.

Next is pic of my dad gorging on a drumstick. Hungry after all that travelling.

Okay. Boy. Long post. I AM VERY HAPPY AND GRATEFUL that I got to go to all these places. Thanks to daddy. But right now I am also very happy to just stay at home and reminisce.

I am not afraid to die, right now. But I'm more afraid of seeing other people close to me, die.


Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Took Chuckie and Lucian for a jog. Not a walk, because Lucian will drag me to run. Sled dog style. Did some whacko "dancing" in front of the mirror to Lady Gaga as warm-up.

Ate too much yesterday. But I ate again after exercising. Wise Cottage Chips. And sushi.

And also Chuckie likes to eat his own poo, specifically at night. I read somewhere that there's a scientific reason behind this. Natural instinct. Because in the wild the mum would eat their offspring's poo so that no predator would be able to detect her baby.

It is actually smart idea, except that you have to taste poo. But between choosing consuming faeces and dying, the former is indeed a better choice. But still. Chuckie!

I watched 17 again. It was surprisingly a movie worth watching. I didn't bother because Zac Efron was in it, but I was bored and it was in my bro's phone. And hey, now that I think about it, Zac Efron can actually act.

I'm biased because he's a Disney star or whatever. Some of them are kind of messed up. Slutty Miley Cyrus pictures. A nude Vanessa Hudgens picca. Saw them on perezhilton.

Am currently using my bro's phone. My phone had nicely decided go dead on me on the first day in Singapore. Nice timing.

But hey, I have a reason to buy a new phone. Sony Ericsson Jalou! The pink Dolce and Gabbana one.

Kay, that's all for today.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

I'm back. :D

From Singapore.

YUM! Coffee club at Takashimaya. It was outside of Kinokuniya.

Juicy Couture! :DDD It was about all I bought for the trip. And a watch from Bebe.

Stayed at Hard Rock Hotel. Didn't need to pay money because my dad used his Genting card. Just deduct points.

Okay, a lot of narcissism here. What to do? The adults went out to gamble and I was stuck in the hotel with a camera and there was lots of mirrors and I thought about my blog.

Just a short trip, but tired lah.

And that is about all. TEE HEE!