Wednesday, 24 March 2010

07/08 Recollections & school

This was when I was 13 and had a very annoying nickname because of someone and people keep on irritating me with it so I keep on cussing. Ugh. Developed cussing habit. Had sleeping problems too.

But I was very happy that year. Moving into secondary and stuff. Fun class, too.

Pretty bored at school today. Had co-co. I don't like St.John. Chun Yen was PMS-ing and shouting all over the place, goodness. He was like,
"KEEP QUIET! SHUT UP! Every morning assembly also noisy still not enough is it! HAR?!
He's usually quite in class. :D And then there's the fee to pay. UGHHH.

By the way, am dropping add-maths, switching to commerce! If possible. Asked teachers. Fikri and Nicole might switch. I suck at maths. Modern maths, add maths, whatever maths. My weakness weyh. Today Wei Kean came to Science 2(from Science 1). Lester and Nam gone, Science 1. Feels like the closeness gone.

Another photo. Form 2 I think. Mei Yen's house.

Got our yearbooks today. A lot of crossdresser photos from our form. Motivation camp and academic week performance. Ding in dress, stockings, and heels. He looked so pretty. Laughed like bananas. Asked mei yen to see it too. PAGE 72!

After co-co the guys changed their clothes in class, and then the Art 1 guys came too. Asked Mei Yen why, she said, "Because Art 1 got a lot of girls." No wonder.

Urm. I have to say this. Guys have better bodies than girls. At least my form/class. The tummy! Most girls have flabby tummy because they don't like exercise. Spotted muffin top in toilet after co-co. Like this:

Even girls who look slender(supposedly)have muffin top! A tip for guys! So don't be surprised!

Ok, am gonna check if I have muffin top. If I do then I'll... urm... have Lucian make me run it off.


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