Saturday, 20 March 2010

1U & Headbands.

Today, went out with my besties to 1U. Supposedly other people were coming, but na-da in the end. Spotted a lot of bestarians. 7 times.

Spotted Shao Yang and King Jiat, again. Saw them at DesaPark before. First word Shao Yang said was, "Facebook-", referring to the "lovely portrait" I've drawn. Of him. He wasn't pleased.

Other people were Adam, Chia Swing, Jck Sng, Charles, and some others. Damn lots.

Faithfully took pics. Nat played piano while Chuckie was sniffing around. Becoming an obssessive blogger. Blogging is nice. Life is worth remembering. Ok that was cheesy.

WE ALL LOVE SUSHI. I like sushi zanmai. Sushi King is OK.

Mei Yen was dissatisfied because her hana-saki wasn't fresh. Can tell by the crispiness of the seaweed. So she asked for the fresh one. I saw the fresh one, I wanted one too. And then Natalie saw us, she asked for one. Hana-saki fever.

Went to MPH. Saw this giant dictionary, screamed at me to take picture. Like kampung people. And then the people at MPH didn't let us take photo. Wonder why. Free publicity on my blog wei!

I love headbands.

Bought a lot of them. Am not buying anymore! Splurged on the ones at Forever 21. Most were RM7! The ones at accesorize was about RM30-Rm50! Bought some at Deeper Harder. And one more at Roxy. YAY

1U stuff are rigged anyways, because the rental fees are high so the shops have to up their prices.

I didn't notice so many headbands in shops before. I thought it was because of Blair from Gossip Girl. I like.

Headband is gonna be my trademark. I wanted to grow my hair long, but if I do then I have to tie my hair. Headbands are fun. Will suck, though if school have strict regulations for wearing headbands. Bought blacks ones.

That is all. Tired. Had fun with my besties. Have to go out for dinner. Smelly. Hadn't shower yet. It's weird, I've been doing nothing for the past week and now there's like a lot to do.

Trying tuitions next week. Kasturi. Spying. teehee!

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