Friday, 12 March 2010


Took about 10 mins to pack.
Just chuck em in.
Going to airport in half an hour, I think.
Feels more like a bus ride because from Malaysia to Singapore it's only 45 mins.

Air Asia!
I heard they don't have seating numbers. I'll go see for myself how it is. Haha.

Feeling lazy. Today the whole school's guys got called out for an impromptu assembly. Says there's peole doing drugs and smoking in the toilet, vandalisme.

Call me naïve, but I never realised people did drugs in my school. Smoking, yes.

I don't like smokers. Go quit if you're one. It's not cool to smoke, it's smelly to smoke. :/ My dad smokes. It stinks.

Anddd, today my dad was asking about property. I asked him why he suddenly wants to move. He said he want to rear fishies. He wants a pond. Ho-hum. Dunno lah. I like home.

Feeling lazy to move my ass. Lazy to go on an airplane and experience nausea-inducing altitudes. But it's nice to see the view as it takes off.


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