Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Dog and dog

Lucian obeying the sit! command
Drinking from my cup!

Took some pictures with iPhone. Clear! Nice, but hard to camwhore with it.

Today was fun, at school. :D A lot of funny things happened. But some of them are humiliating to write down. For the person.

Finally switched to commerce(from Add Maths). Happy I made the decision. I am not mathematically inclined!

Sim Kuan's birthday. Oddly today it's her birthday and she gave me my present. Lol. Two headbands! How thoughtful! :D She must've read my blog.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SK! Oh yeah, RAIMI TOO! TOMORROW IS MING WAI'S! He was like "nobody will celebrate one lah!". xD

Just realised Accounts punishment starts tomorrow. Lasts a whole darn month. Don't know what it's about. Teacher decided to start on April Fool's. April Fool's is an annoying day! People always try to fool you. =.=

And I am not going to eat Roti Planta. At least not everyday. I saw the abang slapped on so much of margarine and sugar! Going to die from clogged vessels.

Am going to change my blog's look. Feels a bit too pink now. :/ I've never change it before.

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