Monday, 22 March 2010

Headband madness.

Ok, first...

What a ripoff! Barely noticeable difference but huge gap in prices.


Blair again. :D Gossip girl.

Nicole richie in Lionel Richie's music video.

Second last is from Luella Bartley. She's a pretty well-known fashion designer from UK. The last is from Rachel Weissman.

And I confess, I am probably going to buy more headbands. Or make some. I don't know. There's always fads. Sometimes as suddenly as it comes, it goes. But probably not this one, because it's something I'll wear everyday.

A few people noticed the hairband thing, some complimented. And then, Theng Loo said, "Oi, act cute?". Really a =.=" moment. Haha. No. Hairband is replacing hair pins.

Lastly, how not to wear ur headbands:

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