Thursday, 11 March 2010

Impossible = I'm Possible

Internet is working, miraculously. :D

Have been coming home feeling ravenous the past few days. But not today. Maybe because I ate Tom Yam Mee instead of Roti Planta today. Very spicy.

But hey, if it burns my tongue but sustains my hunger, why not.

A lot of people wearing butterfly bow clips. I complimented on Mimi's in the toilet and she handed out her spare clip and was like, "Nah, take it lah, I have extra." I was very happy because it was a nice Diva clip. Haha. Random act of generosity.

Add Maths results out today. Banyak teruk. Highest was Nam.

Okay, nothing much today. Was fun though. Much more relaxed. Only one more paper to go.

In case I get bad results:

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