Sunday, 28 March 2010

iPhone & peace.

I'm sorry if the previous post has grossed you guys out. The fact about animal cruelty!

And today at Church, wow, the people gave me a different point of view about the situation. I reacted to it in a very human way. Got angry and started cussing. Again some of the church ppl saw my blog, commented on the language. I got language/cussing problem. In school it's not a problem because everyone's like that, but other places, yes.

Oddly I feel calm now. Don't want to care about the stolen phone anymore. My fault for losing it. Though I hope that the person who took it will know that stealing is something very wrong. Like Vincent! He apologized in the chat thingie---> Before that I still got a bit like.... grudge. But now OK, because he apologized. More than once. :) Thank you.

Bearing a grudge is anyway very tiring.

OK, dad abruptly got me an iPhone. He was scared that I'd bug him because I'm phoneless. Making a new glasses was already very inconvenient. He was rightly annoyed with me.

My brother wasn't angry that I lost his phone. Wow. He didn't even raise his voice. He was just, "Yeah la, there are theives in the school.". Maybe he prepared himself already the moment he handed over the phone.

I'm clumsy. :(


White colour one. Because my dad already has a black one. I'll tell you what, actually I didn't want iPhone because it doesn't look cute and my dad uses it, and so does everyone. But after using, it is very useful(Ok a bit of a pointless statement)!

And look, bought some stickers and made it look as childish as possible! The iPhone looks very business-ish and practical. I stuck a babi sticker! Turned the "I love you" upside down because it was way too cheesy to be read. NOW I'M HAPPY.

Tap tap revenge is very very fun! iPhone apps are amazing! Officially iPhone convert! Forget about SE Jalou! Can download videos from youtube to iPhone using RealPlayer. Or just watch it on Youtube!

My dad got the iPhone through Maxis, so it's cheap. But as usual terms and conditions apply. I feel sorry for causing my dad go through so much of trouble. Have to wait for abt 2 hours in the Maxis store.

Ok, that is all, I hope that the person who took my phone will one day realise what he did was wrong. Otherwise, case closed!

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