Thursday, 4 March 2010

Not intellectual.

First monthly test is next week! I'm posting that pic because I know I'm not academically excellent. I'M AN ARTIST(excuses)!

Hadn't started studying at home since last year...

Lester might be changing class, and today we tried to brain-washed him into not changing. Hey, Science 2 have the least students. Any fewer and it's gonna be boring. The reason he came to SSB is anyway because he wanted to go Science 2.

He wants to drop account. Because En.Harri's punishment demands high tolerance for pain. Nam also wants to change. But Nam wants to be a doctor. I asked him.

"Why want to take Bio? What do you want to be?"
" "Kill" people."(his pronounciation funny lah)
"What? Kill people?"
"Cure people."

Mei Yen said Accounts is pain physically while Biology is pain mentally. True true. Get whacked, or get scolded. :/

Am nervous for public speaking. Malaysians aren't good speakers.

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