Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Pee Marks & Sew Bad pt 7

Internet connection was bad, and today I found the root of the problems.

Lifting up the router, there was a pee mark. Probably Chuckie's, because Lucian's would be bigger and all over the place. Nice.

This week, I was planning to stay ugly. Because it's test week. But really, wearing glasses makes me feel like a hag. Comparison:

You get me now? :/

Almost fell down on the way to canteen. Tripped on a chair. Now here is an example of getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Flunking Add Maths. Left a lot of questions blank. Don't talk about pass, I'd be lucky if I didn't get single digit. Drop! Drop! Must wait next year thou.

Watched AOD drama. The girl asked the cliché, "If me and her fell into the sea, who would you save first?" Guy answered, "I'll save the skinnier one." What a nice answer. ;D

Lookies! I found a branded button! Calvin Klein
Tried doing some baby clothes. So small.

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