Friday, 5 March 2010


Promptly, my dad called to book a hotel in Singapore. He just wants to try out the new casino. Ishh.

Not feeling the mood. Casinos everywhere. I'm the only kid since my Aunt's family isn't going... because they lost money from gambling during CNY.

The thing I'm looking forward to is the Universal Studio thingy. :D

Been to the one in California when I was somewhere 11. A bit freaked by the Mummy roller coaster ride. After the ride you get to see the pics they secretly took in the middle of the ride, and there was my creeped-out face.

And someone wants to come for something, but I'm hoping she wouldn't, because we have to pay for her everything.

Other than that, people are trying to boycott Nam because he may be leaving Science 2. Tough love!


Been long since I've watched taiwanese idol dramas. Started watching when Nicholas bought this YG magazine for Mei Yen and Zhi Qi was squibbling over the poster.


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