Friday, 30 April 2010

A Bad Service

Oh, sigh. Today is one of the days where I'm just sort of idle, sort of bored, sort of PMS-ing.

Rakuzen(the one at Desa Park City) sucked like pissed today. You know, another couple complained to the waiter, and then the waiter made this LC face like he didn't have time to listen to them. The woman was asking, "Why did you make us wait so long?". And then the waiter gave her the hand. They took almost half an hour to prepare my food, and the people looked like they didn't have time for their customers. Value your customers a bit, no?

I like their food, but it's expensive AND the people (waiters/waitress) especially don't give a shit about their customer. At least for today. Sigh. I'll take a break of Rakuzen sushi for a while. Maybe sushi zanmai instead?

Mini drama at the canteen today. The teacher was shouting at a student. Said because the student didn't take the cup after he finished the drink or something. The teacher wanted to exert his authority. I don't like it that, shouting in public places and trying hard to make you submit.

And, I don't like people who snub other people when they're moody, but I becoming one of them these days. Sigh. Blame it on PMS, no?


And I don't know why, but I want to learn writing shorthand. Why, forgot about moodiness, I'll go do something instead of sulking. :)

Like, eating?

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Pada hari ini

(mengapa tak ada orang ikat rambut macam ini lagi?)

Hari ini, saya akan guna Bahasa Melayu, OK?

Jadi rakyat Malaysia, hidup di dalam masyarakat yang berbagai kaum. Ada India, ada Cina, ada Melayu. Semua orang tahu lebih daripada satu bahasa. Tetapi yang tak bagus ialah pertuturan bahasa kami rojak sikit lah, ya?

Hari ini banyak orang sedih. Macam tak ada "mood". Ada yang nangis, ada yang muka masam. :( Ada pula yang menumpah perasaan marah dengan saya. Cis! Saya tak buat apa-apa pun! Benci orang mengamuk. Lepas itu, dia panggil nama saya tetapi saya mana mahu hirau lah!

Sekarang juga sedang hujan, tahu! Semalam Cheng How mengadu di Facebook tentang sistem kanteen yang baru. Pagi ini cikgu pun tanya tentangnya. Cikgu pun ada facebook, tahu?! Saya tak ada menjadi kawan dengan cikgu di dalam facebook... tak syok, macam diawasi....

Saya membaca buku cina. Yvonne cakap saya tak tahu baca! Cis! Saya memaksa dia dengar saya baca sekali! Alamak, kalau mahu tahu setakat mana pengetahuan bahasa cina saya, senang saja! Kalau kamu dulu belajar di Sekolah Kebangsaan Cina, maka pengetahuan bahasa cina saya setanding dengan pengetahuan Bahasa Inggeris kamu lah!

Okay kawan-kawan, sampai di sini lah! Suka tak Bahasa Melayu?


Wednesday, 28 April 2010


今天用华语,为了表现 1Malaysia 精神。
哈哈哈, 可能下一次就用马来语。

我喜欢上学(真的!),可是今天在家理,休息一下好了(将也可以,厉害吧!)。不知道老师会不会骂。那时 Jin Fye 逃学,就被 En. Harri 折磨。可是 En. Harri 每次都能找到打人的理由。。。

最近不知道为什么,Chuckie 一直要和 Lucian 打架,又比它小,还感咬它。这个就是有多过一只狗的缺点。Chuckie 象疯狗一样!



Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I like her drawings(not so much for her graffiti thou). They were featured for a while in M.A.C cosmetics.

Sigh. Today was unproductive. Academic week and what not. Test papers were somehow lost, so we had it postponed and had to keep quiet while the other classes did em.

Ding threw a tantrum. Again. This time on Wei Kean. Ding took his chair, and then, dunno, Wei Kean wanted it back or whatever. Gee.

Went to Fikri's house yesterday to do submarine for Physics. Walked there. Asked him how long, he said 2 minutes. And then it was 2+3. And then maybe 2+3+4 minutes. It was nice that he carried our bags thou. All the group members went, Mei Yen, Ping Kuang and Ding too.

Sigh. Might skip school tomorrow. They have cooking thing going on. Ate pizza just now. They've also implemented this "no money in e-card then no food" system. Some people pay cash, while some even run off with the food. Now it's like, heaven if you get into the canteen but hell if you can't. Canteen food is getting boring. Principal is pissed as always. But sometimes people look angry and dissaproving, even though they are just in neutral mood.

I'm learning Chinese again. Reading a kid novel. Dunno. Bugged fellow classmates about meaning of word/characters. Most of them come from chinese school. Useful, no? I ask them Chinese they ask me English.

In Malaysia it's different, such a melting pot that even if you're Chinese you may not know Chinese. And those, my dear, are bananas. As in yellow on the outside, white in the inside. I don't want to be banana, OK! Shameful not to know one's culture and language! But sometimes it's not the kid's fault, because the parents want them to be more English, westernized and therefore more superior, blah blah blah.

Last but not least, some...camwhore pics! :D With Zhi Qi.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Bad Timekeeper.

I failed to wake up for church today. I think my phone fell under a pillow, couldn't hear the alarm. Was sleeping cozily. :( Nicky was outside my house. But he wasn't pissed or anything. :D

I like Sunday Service. The singing part mostly. And sometimes also the refreshments, haha. When I sing to other Christian in school they think I'm crazy. SING FOR THE JOY OF THE LORD! Oscar! Dylan! Yen Yi!

Camwhored in the toilet. Chinoz. Nice salmon sushi. YUM. The shirt was for Chinese New Year. Wore it for the first time. :D

Look look! Manu vs Tottenham. People always gather around there. Italiannies @ The Curve.

And last but not least, my first youtube video! MUAHAHAHA. Amateurish piano playing. Uploaded it sometime ago, but hadn't put it in my blog. :]

Friday, 23 April 2010

Pets. Labbit.

Somewhere reading the magazine Play(about vinyl toys) I saw labbit. It reminds me of 2 bunnies I used to have. It was a tragedy, you know? One died after shitting too much after 2 days I bought it, the other died one month exactly, on my freakin birthday. I cried for 2 hours for the first bunny death. By the second time I was inured to it already. Sigh. Loopy and Snowball. Sigh. I think this was 6 years ago.

Here I am, reminiscing my dead pets. I hope there's heaven for animals. Reunion after death. Oh dear.

Hey, I've have had quite some pets over the years. I had 2 tortoise which grew to 400% it's baby size before releasing it into a pond. And then some hamsters when I was real young but they got loose and ran into the drain(?). And then a lot of different fishes.

Labbits are cute. Lookie!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Macarons, them multi-coloured droppings.

I want macarons. Not macaroons, though. Macaroons are less cute.

Having tea-time @ Laduree will be something that needs to happen. Reasons:

It sells FIFTEEN FREAKIN THOUSAND macarons per day. There's one in Harrods, London. I've been there once. Sigh. So close but so far. Why didn't I go to Laduree at that time? Sigh.

The pastries in Marie Antoinette are supplied by Laduree. Oh. Yummy. And I want to go Marmalade. A restaurant in Bangsar. Delicious. Sigh, I can only stand being deprived of good food for so long~

I am quite abruptly FRUSTRATED. Probably because I have been eating Chee Cheong Fun for the past three days for breakfast. I want Laksa, but I don't want to tempt sore throat. I want real, delicious, mind-blowing food. All I have is processed food. Biscuits. UGH. I feel like cussing.

Macarons are also featured in Juicy Couture ads. Look what I've found! JC iPhone holder! Hadn't seen this in Malaysia, at least the one in Pavillion. Am I outdated or is Malaysia outdated? I want, but I thought about the rule in the bible that says do not covet.... And do people really hold their phones by the strap? It's like tempting robbery.

Fikri knows how to hack an iPhone. He says he can do it for me, but I'm afraid my phone will go kaput! Told me he has done 3 phones already though. Hack the App Store! Hack? Don't hack?

Hyper girly bag:

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I've tried macarons, once. Eagerly bought the pink one. Spit it out right after. "Rose" flavoured. The yellow, lemon one was okay. But I shall not give up on macarons, because it is colourful.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010


I like today. :D

Today's chemistry lesson is probably the most fun one. Did experiment with lithium and potassium. Put them in water and watched them react. Fire. Mini fire. When it comes to novelty, we're all kids. Trying to see, eager to know.

Now this video is really useful. Xian Jiong posted it. From it, you will know:
Oxygen bonds with itself
But hydrogen can break the bond
Carbon can attract up to 4 hydrogen
.... and somemore.

I should go study. I haven't done revision for a while now. And I am glad I asked to switch from Add Maths to Commerce. Very glad indeed.

Another type of Chemistry is called Cheesy Chemistry. No la. As in "chemistry" between people. Like "click" with people. And then when you have chemistry with a person, you become bestfriends/boy/girlfriends. And then like when you look into the person's eyes you can feel some tingly energy. Cheesy Chemistry. Urm...

Life is nice. But you know, sometimes I think about the saying,
When you're rock bottom, the only way is up.
And then I think,
When you're sky high, the only way is down.
Which is indeed insecure thinking. Ok whatever. I don't want to care.

(it's hard to camwhore with iPhone weyh :/)

Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Best Medicine

Is supposed to be laughter. But how do you laugh when you're having sore throat? Found the second-best medicine though. First medicine that tastes...yummy:

Kinda like Ricola, no? It's for sore throat.

I had exciting stuff to do for the weekend, OK! Then, my body fails me. Now I'm at home. Moping. Supposed to go out. But I don't dare to go out when I'm sick. Like that time Ben's after new year party.

It is also a bit scary when the doctor said I have to come back if I get fever to check for H1N1. H1N1 symptoms are so common. Headache, sorethroat, flu. Got them all. But it would be cool though, because I would probably be the first one to get H1N1...

Friday, 16 April 2010


I just realized, there's a lot of feuds and breakups going on. Seriously? Why are relationships so fragile? One day you wake up and decide you're fed up of being their friend? It's... stupid.

And hey, with internet nowadays sometimes you see people posting comments directed to one person. I hate you and all that. In facebook, blogs.

It's weird to think that one more year and I'll be out of high school. I've been SSB since forever. Like, 7 years old. :/ Second home, huh? I wonder if we'll all lose touch.

Tomorrow outing to 1U. Made Sean and Shamimi wear white. Actually Sean was asking what I was wearing tomorrow. So I said let's all wear white. Going to cell meeting at night.

Am super full. Porridge from Pappa Rich. They down-sized the porridge and diluted it a bit more. Pappa Rich is so profit-greedy. Pfft.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I took a nap. It's shorter than most, but still, two hours. I dreamt that my friend was a thief. She stole something from the canteen. And then we went to the airport because she saw police.

School was a little draggy today.

Did singing. With Mei Yen, who else. Sang by the windowsill, classmates were busy doing their own thing. Vitas opera.

I like dissolving into a laughing fit. The joke doesn't even have to be funny. Mei Yen's laugh is enough to make you laugh.

There's a person who sends me CC items on Pet Society for no reason at all. CC items are cash coin items. REAL MONEY. Me like.

And also, I have this thing of getting annoyed with 9s. Like I have 900 coins in pet society. I need to make it to 1000 coins.

It's like, almost there. Just almost. 9 feels like a bitchy number. Like a person who hangs the bone over a dog to tempt it then pull it away and repeat. I'd very lose than get second. All or nothing, all or nothing. I don't know what I'm talking.

Weekend is almost here. I'm busy. Not with tuition or anything like that, thank goodness. :D some ppl I only get to see during the weekend. some things I only get to do during the weekend.


Monday, 12 April 2010

Church and haircut

I don't think I'll be updating my blog daily. Why, quality over quantity. And I was busy today. Even after school! Went to supermarket, had piano lesson, and then in the middle of it Theng Loo came to do his assignment thingie and then I went to take the dogs for a run.

Ok I bet you didn't catch any of that. This post will be about Sunday. At least the pictures.

Before haircut. I begged Nat to take me a picture. Because I liked what I was wearing that day and I was gonna get a haircut! People didn't notice, so I went like, 'Oi, I got a haircut!'.

I think the chain reaction thing is going on with my life. Like, borrowing shao yang's book and then I bought a new book and then I'm starting to read novels again. Ok that is not really a prominent development. There are some other examples. Well, try looking for them in your life. :)


Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cuteism 3- Panda

Why, there's nothing interesting to write about my life lately, so fortunately for you guys, I am posting pictures of pandas. They cute. Wouldn't it be great to have pandas as pets? Oh so cuddly. But then, they have an enormous appetite for bamboo and are endangered.

And oh boy, cute stuff relieves stress. Especially ones where they make you go, "Awww...."

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Boy, I'm having cravings. SUSHI, please.

You know why I like sushi so much? I don't understand when people don't enjoy sushi. It's healthy AND tasty. And bite-sized. And colourful. YUMMM.

Thank goodness I'm getting something later. COME TO MAMA! I'm always hungry after school. Only eat breakfast, and it's always something oily/spicy. Better bring own food.

Even lego sushi looks yummy. :/

Monday, 5 April 2010

PS, PMS and visiting graves

For Sunday I had to go back to Pahang, my dad's hometown to visit the cemetery for Cheng-Ming. My grandfather, my grandmother's brother, my great-grandmother and great-grandfather and my eldest uncle are buried there.

You know I think it would be cool if there was like a backyard family plot. I always imagine haunted castles with a family plot which contains all the dead bodies in the family. Pretty cool!

I did work this year. Took the shovel to shovel out weeds ontop of the grave. Swept. Saw caterpillars, spiders, snails and lizards along the way.

Ok, let me introduce you to what Chinese do on Cheng-Ming. My family are buried, not cremated, so there's much more to do. Mostly it's cleaning the grave and giving offerings in the form of food, incense and papers.
At the end before leaving, the sons/daughters use two coins and ask if the departed is there, and that if he is, give the coins two hits.

Today I had public speaking, second time. And got second place. Lol. My speech was supposed to be longer but I cut it short because I didn't want to be on the stage for long. Showed the picture of anal electrocution. Glad that it is done and over. And now I have experienced public speaking. Public-speaking is nerve-wrecking but it's an invaluable skill(if you have it, I don't)!

Was along other things, tired, sleepy and hungry. Still PMS-ing? GEE. And for the record, PMS stands for Premenstrual syndrome. Includes cravings and mood swings. And don't you girls just hate it when you get irritated and a guy comes up and say, "Oi, what's up with you, having period is it?" Hey boy, you came out because of our periods and you will darn well bear with it!

Anyways, during this time the girl will be extremely irritatable and guys should be understanding, although they probably won't understand what's wrong with the girl. Don't worry, it will go away. If it doesn't it probably means the girl has depression instead.

Ate a bunch of stuff. I hate it. When I want to eat a certain food but I don't get it so I gorge on other food to compensate. I WANT SUSHI!!!! URGHHHHHHHHHH!

And it's 8.30, dinner's not ready. >:O


Saturday, 3 April 2010


Written on Saturday but posted on Monday because I was unable to upload pictures for a while.

I'm online way too much. Facebook, blogger, youtube. Ish. Stop it lah, Karen!

But today was a productive day. Was sms-ing Nat and asked her to come over. Zoom, she came. Taugh me chords and sing praise and worship. Nat playing for Sunday Service tomorrow. But I won't be seeing her. :( Balik kampung.

We took pictures. Nat makes goofy faces.

I'm jealous of her ability to make goofy faces that really pop. Look at her! There are some even goofier photos but for the sake of her reputation they will not be posted. :D

I uploaded my first video on youtube! Playing the piano. Got positive comments, yay. Will post link when I upload second video.

Anyways, after someone praises that I've done nice on the piano I get deflated anyway after piano lessons. Teacher points out things I don't know exists. Which is good. Still noob.

Look at the people. What are they looking at? Manchester vs Chelsea lah!

Kay. That's all. I have to keep my life more private and be more mysterious. Serious.

Friday, 2 April 2010

Cuteism 2-Chuckie

My very own form of cuteism- Chuckie... The fluffball.

Dug them from my computer. Some of these go back to 2007. Chuckie is getting old now. About.... 42 in human years! Since 1 dog year is about 7 human year.

Watched this really horrific video of animals being skinned alive. These things, they happen everyday. They didn't kill the animal, they cut their hide off them while their limbs jerk, powerlessly. Before that it was a pregnant cow being hung and slaughtered.

Watched them on facebook. And then there was a video of a woman who was mutilated by her boyfriend because she cheated on him. Her face has deep cuts, slits.

Where are their conscience? None?

Have to do public speaking again on Monday. Note AGAIN. Still the same topic, animal cruelty. When I'm a designer I'm going to bring thought-provoking stuff about the plight of the animals. Not about a green earth. Because if I'm a designer, anyway, I'll have to produce stuff and use a lot of earth's resources.

Also I don't want to update my blog so frequently. More pictures. Focus on quality not quantity. Ho-hum. I wonder who reads my blog? Hello, if you are reading my blog and you have a blog, tell me? I like reading people's blog. :)

Oh and I love Chuckie. Having a dog is nice. When you cuddle them you just get this bubbly feeling. Prolly from the release of oxytocin.

And who knows, maybe there will be cuteism 3-Lucian!