Friday, 30 April 2010

A Bad Service

Oh, sigh. Today is one of the days where I'm just sort of idle, sort of bored, sort of PMS-ing.

Rakuzen(the one at Desa Park City) sucked like pissed today. You know, another couple complained to the waiter, and then the waiter made this LC face like he didn't have time to listen to them. The woman was asking, "Why did you make us wait so long?". And then the waiter gave her the hand. They took almost half an hour to prepare my food, and the people looked like they didn't have time for their customers. Value your customers a bit, no?

I like their food, but it's expensive AND the people (waiters/waitress) especially don't give a shit about their customer. At least for today. Sigh. I'll take a break of Rakuzen sushi for a while. Maybe sushi zanmai instead?

Mini drama at the canteen today. The teacher was shouting at a student. Said because the student didn't take the cup after he finished the drink or something. The teacher wanted to exert his authority. I don't like it that, shouting in public places and trying hard to make you submit.

And, I don't like people who snub other people when they're moody, but I becoming one of them these days. Sigh. Blame it on PMS, no?


And I don't know why, but I want to learn writing shorthand. Why, forgot about moodiness, I'll go do something instead of sulking. :)

Like, eating?

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