Sunday, 25 April 2010

A Bad Timekeeper.

I failed to wake up for church today. I think my phone fell under a pillow, couldn't hear the alarm. Was sleeping cozily. :( Nicky was outside my house. But he wasn't pissed or anything. :D

I like Sunday Service. The singing part mostly. And sometimes also the refreshments, haha. When I sing to other Christian in school they think I'm crazy. SING FOR THE JOY OF THE LORD! Oscar! Dylan! Yen Yi!

Camwhored in the toilet. Chinoz. Nice salmon sushi. YUM. The shirt was for Chinese New Year. Wore it for the first time. :D

Look look! Manu vs Tottenham. People always gather around there. Italiannies @ The Curve.

And last but not least, my first youtube video! MUAHAHAHA. Amateurish piano playing. Uploaded it sometime ago, but hadn't put it in my blog. :]

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