Monday, 12 April 2010

Church and haircut

I don't think I'll be updating my blog daily. Why, quality over quantity. And I was busy today. Even after school! Went to supermarket, had piano lesson, and then in the middle of it Theng Loo came to do his assignment thingie and then I went to take the dogs for a run.

Ok I bet you didn't catch any of that. This post will be about Sunday. At least the pictures.

Before haircut. I begged Nat to take me a picture. Because I liked what I was wearing that day and I was gonna get a haircut! People didn't notice, so I went like, 'Oi, I got a haircut!'.

I think the chain reaction thing is going on with my life. Like, borrowing shao yang's book and then I bought a new book and then I'm starting to read novels again. Ok that is not really a prominent development. There are some other examples. Well, try looking for them in your life. :)


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