Thursday, 15 April 2010


I took a nap. It's shorter than most, but still, two hours. I dreamt that my friend was a thief. She stole something from the canteen. And then we went to the airport because she saw police.

School was a little draggy today.

Did singing. With Mei Yen, who else. Sang by the windowsill, classmates were busy doing their own thing. Vitas opera.

I like dissolving into a laughing fit. The joke doesn't even have to be funny. Mei Yen's laugh is enough to make you laugh.

There's a person who sends me CC items on Pet Society for no reason at all. CC items are cash coin items. REAL MONEY. Me like.

And also, I have this thing of getting annoyed with 9s. Like I have 900 coins in pet society. I need to make it to 1000 coins.

It's like, almost there. Just almost. 9 feels like a bitchy number. Like a person who hangs the bone over a dog to tempt it then pull it away and repeat. I'd very lose than get second. All or nothing, all or nothing. I don't know what I'm talking.

Weekend is almost here. I'm busy. Not with tuition or anything like that, thank goodness. :D some ppl I only get to see during the weekend. some things I only get to do during the weekend.


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