Tuesday, 27 April 2010


I like her drawings(not so much for her graffiti thou). They were featured for a while in M.A.C cosmetics.

Sigh. Today was unproductive. Academic week and what not. Test papers were somehow lost, so we had it postponed and had to keep quiet while the other classes did em.

Ding threw a tantrum. Again. This time on Wei Kean. Ding took his chair, and then, dunno, Wei Kean wanted it back or whatever. Gee.

Went to Fikri's house yesterday to do submarine for Physics. Walked there. Asked him how long, he said 2 minutes. And then it was 2+3. And then maybe 2+3+4 minutes. It was nice that he carried our bags thou. All the group members went, Mei Yen, Ping Kuang and Ding too.

Sigh. Might skip school tomorrow. They have cooking thing going on. Ate pizza just now. They've also implemented this "no money in e-card then no food" system. Some people pay cash, while some even run off with the food. Now it's like, heaven if you get into the canteen but hell if you can't. Canteen food is getting boring. Principal is pissed as always. But sometimes people look angry and dissaproving, even though they are just in neutral mood.

I'm learning Chinese again. Reading a kid novel. Dunno. Bugged fellow classmates about meaning of word/characters. Most of them come from chinese school. Useful, no? I ask them Chinese they ask me English.

In Malaysia it's different, such a melting pot that even if you're Chinese you may not know Chinese. And those, my dear, are bananas. As in yellow on the outside, white in the inside. I don't want to be banana, OK! Shameful not to know one's culture and language! But sometimes it's not the kid's fault, because the parents want them to be more English, westernized and therefore more superior, blah blah blah.

Last but not least, some...camwhore pics! :D With Zhi Qi.

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