Saturday, 3 April 2010


Written on Saturday but posted on Monday because I was unable to upload pictures for a while.

I'm online way too much. Facebook, blogger, youtube. Ish. Stop it lah, Karen!

But today was a productive day. Was sms-ing Nat and asked her to come over. Zoom, she came. Taugh me chords and sing praise and worship. Nat playing for Sunday Service tomorrow. But I won't be seeing her. :( Balik kampung.

We took pictures. Nat makes goofy faces.

I'm jealous of her ability to make goofy faces that really pop. Look at her! There are some even goofier photos but for the sake of her reputation they will not be posted. :D

I uploaded my first video on youtube! Playing the piano. Got positive comments, yay. Will post link when I upload second video.

Anyways, after someone praises that I've done nice on the piano I get deflated anyway after piano lessons. Teacher points out things I don't know exists. Which is good. Still noob.

Look at the people. What are they looking at? Manchester vs Chelsea lah!

Kay. That's all. I have to keep my life more private and be more mysterious. Serious.

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