Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Macarons, them multi-coloured droppings.

I want macarons. Not macaroons, though. Macaroons are less cute.

Having tea-time @ Laduree will be something that needs to happen. Reasons:

It sells FIFTEEN FREAKIN THOUSAND macarons per day. There's one in Harrods, London. I've been there once. Sigh. So close but so far. Why didn't I go to Laduree at that time? Sigh.

The pastries in Marie Antoinette are supplied by Laduree. Oh. Yummy. And I want to go Marmalade. A restaurant in Bangsar. Delicious. Sigh, I can only stand being deprived of good food for so long~

I am quite abruptly FRUSTRATED. Probably because I have been eating Chee Cheong Fun for the past three days for breakfast. I want Laksa, but I don't want to tempt sore throat. I want real, delicious, mind-blowing food. All I have is processed food. Biscuits. UGH. I feel like cussing.

Macarons are also featured in Juicy Couture ads. Look what I've found! JC iPhone holder! Hadn't seen this in Malaysia, at least the one in Pavillion. Am I outdated or is Malaysia outdated? I want, but I thought about the rule in the bible that says do not covet.... And do people really hold their phones by the strap? It's like tempting robbery.

Fikri knows how to hack an iPhone. He says he can do it for me, but I'm afraid my phone will go kaput! Told me he has done 3 phones already though. Hack the App Store! Hack? Don't hack?

Hyper girly bag:

Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I've tried macarons, once. Eagerly bought the pink one. Spit it out right after. "Rose" flavoured. The yellow, lemon one was okay. But I shall not give up on macarons, because it is colourful.

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