Friday, 23 April 2010

Pets. Labbit.

Somewhere reading the magazine Play(about vinyl toys) I saw labbit. It reminds me of 2 bunnies I used to have. It was a tragedy, you know? One died after shitting too much after 2 days I bought it, the other died one month exactly, on my freakin birthday. I cried for 2 hours for the first bunny death. By the second time I was inured to it already. Sigh. Loopy and Snowball. Sigh. I think this was 6 years ago.

Here I am, reminiscing my dead pets. I hope there's heaven for animals. Reunion after death. Oh dear.

Hey, I've have had quite some pets over the years. I had 2 tortoise which grew to 400% it's baby size before releasing it into a pond. And then some hamsters when I was real young but they got loose and ran into the drain(?). And then a lot of different fishes.

Labbits are cute. Lookie!

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