Friday, 16 April 2010


I just realized, there's a lot of feuds and breakups going on. Seriously? Why are relationships so fragile? One day you wake up and decide you're fed up of being their friend? It's... stupid.

And hey, with internet nowadays sometimes you see people posting comments directed to one person. I hate you and all that. In facebook, blogs.

It's weird to think that one more year and I'll be out of high school. I've been SSB since forever. Like, 7 years old. :/ Second home, huh? I wonder if we'll all lose touch.

Tomorrow outing to 1U. Made Sean and Shamimi wear white. Actually Sean was asking what I was wearing tomorrow. So I said let's all wear white. Going to cell meeting at night.

Am super full. Porridge from Pappa Rich. They down-sized the porridge and diluted it a bit more. Pappa Rich is so profit-greedy. Pfft.

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