Monday, 31 May 2010

Geeky side revealed

There's school today. Skipped. After two weeks of exams and with holidays JUST around the corner, not having the studying mood...

Nice to skip, eh? Can't do it often though. Must go tomorrow. Class photo! Ker-chek!

Don't think I'd be doing anything productive during holidays. Like surf net... and the Altador Cup Tournament of Neopets! No, seriously. I like. NEOPETS. My dirty little secret. Well not so secret anymore.

My team won last year. Krawk Island. Sigh. Does anyone even play neopets anymore? It's been 5 years I've played! :O

And then, there's also Pokemon:

Get the HeartGold version. And then there's a new version coming out. Black and White. 0.0


There's Tamagotchi Colour, but the Japs still hadn't decide to make an English version. Hmph!

When we immerse ourselves in entertainment like videogames and TV it's like being in a virtual world. And doing stuff in the virtual world is unproductive, of course.

I shall also sew and draw, for the sake of my ambition.

Now that I think about it, I don't want to sit wasting my time. OK. Fashion designer. I need to get out the sewing machine.


Sunday, 30 May 2010


!!!!!!!!! :D
Baptism's done.

I don't remember waking up at 6 something this year. Only took 8 minutes to get ready! Spent about an hour waiting before leaving BSD, though.

Sleepy. Slept like a pig on the way home.

Wisma Eagles is big. Got dunk in a pool for a second, then change clothes. Gave short testimony.

It's nice to be "officially" Christian.

Still sleepy, thou. I can't take naps. :( If I do I'd have a 3 hour nap for the least. If that happens it'll be hard for me to sleep at night. MONDAYS. Monday Blues. Bleurgh

Saturday, 29 May 2010


Today was tiring. In a good way.

Paintball at Tanamerah. Hot. Humid. Rained at the end. Soaked.

Face mask. Vest. Marker. BANG!

24 people. 5 matches. I skipped 2 matches though, because I was lazy. Ashamedly so.
Some of the people who paid deposit didn't show up. Dunno.

Had to wait for Kula. Our organizer apparently overslept.

Dylan wearing Kwok Shien's earphones. I freaked when Kwok Shien went "YO! YO! YO!!!" wearing those headphones. SERIOUSLY.

Worst injuries of the day:

James got Nazri by the neck. Poor guy. He didn't seem to notice it was that bad, though. Only when he looked at the photo. He was like, "Omg, are you serious?".

Desmond slid and got his knee scrapped.

I left unscathed, because I'm a pussy playing paintball. I was hiding by the tree the whole time. Bullets whizzed by. Got hit once in the leg, didn't feel much because it was far away, but the bullet did burst on my pants.

I admire Nicole for being good in sports and all these stuffs.

Went home with 9 people in Theng Seng's car. 6 in the backseat! Squashed with Kar Man in shotgun. Bet Ping Kuang would love to trade places with me. Lol. It was fun though.

I wish I could sleep and wake up at my own accord for tonight. Have to get up at 7, though.
Tomorrow is the day! Baptism!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Grow old with me

Today I saw a couple
The wife over 80
Sitting on a wheelchair
The husband took her to the cafe
Took a handkerchief and dabbed it upon her wife's eyes
And fed her
Both of them watch the world go by
Sated, for they have lived theirs

Sigh. In between a million dollars and growing old with a loving husband,
I'd choose the latter at any given time.

But, it's a bit of crap finding Mr.Right.
Finding someone who fits a list of requirements.

Saturday, 22 May 2010


I like to draw. But sometimes I look at my old drawings and cringe, because they don't look good. Now I'll see if I'll cringe at these years later. :)

I used to draw "unartistically". For about 8 years I think? Seriously.

But I'm improving. :D

And I had 10 hours of sleep, yum.

Why, teens are programmed to sleep and wake later, but school leaves us no choice. Not that I spend time wisely when I'm at home, though.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Bookworm's Galore

If anyone asks, 'What animal will you be?', I won't reply penguin anymore. I'd say bookworm. No, wait. Actually I am a bookworm already. Ish. Nevermind.

This is SUCH a special post.

My mini library. :D

First off, fashion books. I love. Good inspirations. I love looking at people's drawings. And OMG Manolo Blahnik's drawing of shoes!

Crotcheting/art and craft. So darn cute.

Magazines. There's a lot more. Mostly it's National Geographic, Discovery, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and whatnot. Get them from Selvan. Damn cheap. Back issues.

Some of the darker stuff. So black. So many vampire books on the market since twilight. O.O

The tiny stack of chinese books I have. Three are comics. Kogepan! :D And tamagotchi!

Peanuts! Damn expensive, but I love Snoopy. Brother bought one of them as birthday present, I made him. He owed me money.

Series of books during "adolescent years". Chuckie as my model. Like how beside a sports car there's always a hot girl.

Wow. I like this post. I don't think I'll be blogging for a few days. I should be described as a "diligent and oversharing blogger", really.

Actually I was cleaning up my room, ended up taking pictures. When I shift something I like to take picture of "before" so I can compare with "after".

Aiks! Forgot I hadn't finish cleaning yet. Did more taking pictures than cleaning. Discovered a few books I should read again. Marley and Me is still my favourite book.

I have a lot of books, because when parents give me money, I buy books. So practical! :D

Teacher brought a metronome today, unexpectantly. The one that goes tick, tick. I thought it was for lower grades, but it's actually for higher grades. Have to use it to practise exam pieces, lazy larh!

She bought one that matches my piano! How thoughtful! My piano sounded nice today. It changes sometimes. I dunno. I think I should give my piano a name sometime soon.

Like calling your cow "Daisy" will have it produce better milk, who knows, calling your piano a name might make it produce a better sound.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The darkest hour is just before dawn.

Today was somewhat like my longest stay in Church. Until 3 o' clock. Sunday Service, FBI Meeting and Church Membership Seminar. I liked FBI Meeting most. :D. Youth. About self-confidence.

Uncle's newborn... not even a month old! This is the first time I've seen a baby this young. She looked so... helpless and innocent. Pregnancy is hard, but when you see the baby's face, it'll be all worth it.

But still, I find being around kids requires a HECKLOAD of compromise. Ugh. Not mature or kind enough yet. I like animals more... xD

Enormously fake "diamond" ring :D

Some stuff at Forever 21. Dress for less than RM50, OMG! The gold streaked shirt was worn in the first pic up there. Got free reusable bag.

Sigh, it's kinda hard not to be materialistic when your ambition is to be a fashion designer. But when I want something I don't look at it as material, I look it as an object of art. It's also nice to be sure of your ambition. My second ambition is to be a children's book illustrator. Well, not really. This life, I am going to be a fashion designer.

Which reminds me that I have to take out the sewing machine and start sewing again. :[

Anddd, if you hadn't already notice, I'm not emo anymore. It's good to be carefree again. I'm still not sure what came over me. But whatever! :DDD

Had some nice desert at Ikea. And curry pufffff~

Bought supernatural. Because I was intrigued by some of the tumblr blogs.
Some funny gifs. Jensen Ackles seems to be popular with... homos.... Urrr.... Watched 8 minutes of the show. Gonna watch more of it soon.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

I am mad at myself for being sick whenever I need myself most

During the weekend, when I stuff to do, my body crumblesss.
Long rant on studies, pregnancy, relationships, and whatnot.

Art test tomorrow. Mid-year exam next week! Shaky on Art, don't attend class nor tuition. Since I'm sub-science, taking it outside. After-school, find teacher. Ham hor la. Need good results on this, because I want to go Art school. Prolly have to take another test outside anyways. Love the topic though. Given five. There was one on clothes, apparently. <3

AND IT IS very freakin annoying that the ministry of education or blah thinks it's OK to introduce 4 new subjects and expect us to master it in 2 years. Stupid. These are the important subjects, and they give us the least time for it. Science and Living Skills are given like what, 5 years to study?

The stream thing is also hard, especially on those who aren't specific of their careers yet. Which by the way, they should try to figure it out. Of course this is a hard decision, a life-changing one. What the heck, by all means, be decisive. I am 1000% there. Very sure. Very very.

Dropping chemistry. WTF. I think it could be interesting, but the teacher doesn't make it so. It really depends on the teacher. Students tooo, of course. It's like life, you know. The mother is supposed to protect the baby's life. And the baby should protect itself.

She constantly toggles between English and Malay, sometimes incorrectly so. I am too distracted by grammar mistakes. But of above these, I didn't do anything. Because that's how things work here. Teacher talk, you shut up. Education system of Msia.

And when I see pregnant woman, especially teachers, the picture of them doing "it" pops into mind. Teachers look frigid, but their tummy says another thing. Misogynistic comment, I know. Ever since Form 3 and learning the process of baby-making. Sorry lah.

History teacher(the one who walked out of class) was still...urm...sulking? Came in, didn't talk until half an hour later.

Went out with Mum to Secret Recipe. The food was quite OK. But the staff there wasn't. Only 2 customers there, prolly thought it would be OK to slack off a bit. Unprofessional sial. Can hear the waiter and waitress chatting loudly. Stop flirting.

And sigh, why is it that guys tend to talk to me more when they have a girlfriend/crush? And then their girlfriend get jealous. Is that the point? And then a guy and a girl broke up, the girl still likes the guy, but the guy can easily change his mind. And then sometimes guys hurt people's feeling, but they don't realise it, at all. Guys and girls are wired so differently it's like another species. Numbnuts.

They've so crazy when they want you, once they have it they don't bother anymore. Like yearning for a prize. Once you've got it it's time to aim another one.

So the mathematical reasoning is,
He care, you don't care,
He'll care,
He care, you care,
He'll not care,
Conclusion: Don't care.

Poor Ding got double-whammy(or triple) today. Three "yellings". But he very well deserved it. He broke a part of the sytrofoam Wei Kien sponsored for the class as alphabets. Vincent shouted at him on the spot. They're good friends, but they're kinda like that. Other classmates chimed in, too. He's funny, but there's a fine line between funny and annoying. Wei Kien then yelled at him, because it's his. So payback for last time Ding shouted at him over the chair. Now they're even. And then teacher came in and scolded him, and asked him to stand behind.

He's funny to observe, but I don't talk to him much because he is explosive. His hands can't stop moving. And he beats girls. Which I abhorr. Some of the guys in my class, don't really know respect.

Stupid body keep breaking down during the weekends. Not only I don't get to skip school, I have to skip fun stuff. F YOU. Not gonna let it happen again. Maybe I ate too much of junk food. When I do I get sick and then lose some weight. Not that it's a good way to lose weight.

It is very clever to invest in yourself now. Not into relationships. Arm yourself with new skills and talents. Sigh, how cheesy. But not like I study. It's just this stupid attitude I have. Because school hours are long, I refuse to study at home. Do it all in school. By the time I'm home at 4 I'm tired for anything except for recreation.

I'm typing too much info. Why not. Bored.

There's 2 types of post here. One for personal record and one for your entertainment. Personal record are like diary stuff and ranting, just something I want to get out. Not exactly to entertain. While the latter is more of pictures. This is the former. :)

I should put people more anonymously, before they get offended, really....

I am so tempted to swear.

Waking up at 5 in the morning. And iPhone 4G

I'm awake since 5 in the morning. I popped some pills for flu and kind of forgotten about it and dozed off. Ughhhff, I don't want to get sick again. Mid-year exam next week.

Hmm. With stuff like facebook,twitter,formspring, and whatnot, it's getting very easy to stalk people, no? I always have to remind myself to keep my life a bit more private. :)

Someone created a fake profile using a picture. Calling "herself" a c***. And her work as prostitution. Such a lame and cowardly thing to do, EWW. Went to report profile, but didn't work.

I hope I don't fall asleep in class later.

Yesterday during Physics teacher was going through our monitoring book. Our BM teacher gave us(one of them, me) 5 demerit points. Supposed to be 2. Not that it matters, because the next day school announced that they'll clear our records and start anew(with a stricter system).

En.Yogesh(phys) asked us why we didn't bring books for BM. And then some mathematical reasoning Ding made, which was basically,

Bring book, teacher don't smile,
Don't bring book, teacher don't smile.
Conclusion is no need bring book.

NOLA. Just kidding. It was just that the teacher naturally had a strict expression. Why, smilling is a submissive gesture anyways. Being submissive thus makes us un-intimadating thus makes us friendly...

Jin Fye brought E-Ring. OHMYGOSH new iPhone, again. 4G. They remodeled it. I think it's stupid to make so many versions of iPhone. As in slightly improved functions but still looking quite the same. Now this 4G thing at least looks different.

Dad also cracked his iPhone while he was in the toilet doing God knows what. Still useable. And I am annoyed that I would've to resort to jailbreaking methods to customize simple things like ringtone and theme. What is their benefit of constricting us to this?!

Brother avoided iPhone because he said everyone has it. That's what they say until they become a part of "everyone". Lol. Owning an iPhone is fun, but feels very merchandisy and run off the mill. Because everyone has it. But still fun. Whatever.

I am going to stick to my current iPhone. Until it breaks. UNLESS A PINK VERSION OF iPHONE COMES OUT. Now, I'll have to go fix that damn crystal cover rip-off from eBay(read previous post).


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A lil' drama

Today a few teacher got mad at us. As in the whole class.

Firstly, teacher made us tear our assignment and throw it into the bin because some of us didn't bring it. Character, down to the bin, or something like that.

Next, teacher(another) stormed out of class after throwing a pile of papers(some went to me because I sat first row). Went to apologize, which was a stupid idea because she obviously hasn't cool down yet. It was because some of us didn't to homework. I did the homework and got hit by some papers but yet I have to go apologize, because I was the assistant monitor.

Well, no, actually I didn't really apologize. Theng Loo did. Monitor, what! And he didn't bring his book, lol. Only both of us went, to find her in the office.

Other than that, it was OK. :D I liked today, actually.

Put it this way, we triggered the teacher's fuse but it was obviously a short fuse. Being a teacher is stressful.

After school, a guy came out of the box holding a cake for his girlfriend as surprise. Sweet! Wei Xian and Shi Yong, I think.

Choon Lam(?) wanted to learn piano. Asked him why. 'I want to impress girls.', he said.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Underwater Cuteism

Otter swan seal hippo underwater abovewater swim swim love & joyyyy.

Today, act 38 with Yih Wern. Very dangerous to sit next to her during assembly. She's loud. Lol. Likes to laugh.

And thank goodness, piano theory exam is not in July. That is practical exam. BIG sigh of relief there. Worried for nothing. :D

Teacher fined us RM2 for speaking dialects or anythingotherthanenglishormalay. When I look at some of my friend's face I automatically want to speak Cantonese/Chinese, you know? Sometimes it's not that I'm being rude, it's just instinct to use that language. But thenn, it is much easier to gossip when you're using dialects. Just saying. Christians aren't supposed to gossip, but I'm no saint. :(

Why, Malaysians have the in-built abilty to juggle between languages, but sometimes English sounds like Chinese. You know lah!