Sunday, 2 May 2010

2 months. BBQ me.

I printed some sheets off the internet! Freeee. Am exchanging piano sheets with Louise next week. Lol. She showed me the painful side of being a ballerina(toes). But she can do en pointe! And it's always fascinating when a person has something they are good at, are passionate about, whether it's music, sports, or whatever!

This was yesterday at church. Ruth was working on a dreamcatcher!
I'm put on piano for Children's Church. Which was flattering considering I don't know how to play chords. Don't know how to improvise, but I will learn. People at church play music out of the thin air. I need sheets.

Had two laugh attack today. Those stomach and face-clenching types. NICEEE. One was with Mei Yen over how pronouncing meringue. We both failed terribly. Fikri can pronounce it very fluidly, because it's French. Another laughing fit was at the library, I usually sit with the same peeps, but Theng Loo took my seat when I went to find books so I sat with Yih Wern and gang. Boy, they like to laugh. Esspecially Jun Wen. It is much more effective to laugh with a friend than to watch a comedy. Laughing is infectious. Even more powerful when it's a laugh like Mei Yen's.

Tomorrow, have to be careful and stay on time for school. Have to fetch ol' Zhi Qi down the road in the morning! Haiz, I forgot where her house is. I'm (or my dad) is her driver this week. Her 'rents went out. FREEEE somemore!!! Great blackmail use. HEHE

I type a little too much in my blog posts most of the time. I like typing. Tak! Tak! Tak! Oh yeah, I had Sushi today. Though no Assam Laksa at school today. Drooool! And I actually enjoyed piano lesson. Usually I sulk a little because I have to do scales and the stuff for exams. But I now feel grateful to be able to take piano exam. Though, it'll be unnerving during my wait for results. Exam's on July, 2 more months. SIGHHH. Still need brushing up. And Oh God, I only have 2 months to learn Grade 5. OH MY, OH MY. I just realized this.OH MY CRACKERS.
People take like a year for one grade. I only have 2 months. OH MY. OH MY. I'll go open the theory book now. :(

Sad. Seriously? 2 months to learn Grade 5 theory? Serious? :(((

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