Monday, 17 May 2010

Bookworm's Galore

If anyone asks, 'What animal will you be?', I won't reply penguin anymore. I'd say bookworm. No, wait. Actually I am a bookworm already. Ish. Nevermind.

This is SUCH a special post.

My mini library. :D

First off, fashion books. I love. Good inspirations. I love looking at people's drawings. And OMG Manolo Blahnik's drawing of shoes!

Crotcheting/art and craft. So darn cute.

Magazines. There's a lot more. Mostly it's National Geographic, Discovery, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and whatnot. Get them from Selvan. Damn cheap. Back issues.

Some of the darker stuff. So black. So many vampire books on the market since twilight. O.O

The tiny stack of chinese books I have. Three are comics. Kogepan! :D And tamagotchi!

Peanuts! Damn expensive, but I love Snoopy. Brother bought one of them as birthday present, I made him. He owed me money.

Series of books during "adolescent years". Chuckie as my model. Like how beside a sports car there's always a hot girl.

Wow. I like this post. I don't think I'll be blogging for a few days. I should be described as a "diligent and oversharing blogger", really.

Actually I was cleaning up my room, ended up taking pictures. When I shift something I like to take picture of "before" so I can compare with "after".

Aiks! Forgot I hadn't finish cleaning yet. Did more taking pictures than cleaning. Discovered a few books I should read again. Marley and Me is still my favourite book.

I have a lot of books, because when parents give me money, I buy books. So practical! :D

Teacher brought a metronome today, unexpectantly. The one that goes tick, tick. I thought it was for lower grades, but it's actually for higher grades. Have to use it to practise exam pieces, lazy larh!

She bought one that matches my piano! How thoughtful! My piano sounded nice today. It changes sometimes. I dunno. I think I should give my piano a name sometime soon.

Like calling your cow "Daisy" will have it produce better milk, who knows, calling your piano a name might make it produce a better sound.

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