Thursday, 13 May 2010

I am mad at myself for being sick whenever I need myself most

During the weekend, when I stuff to do, my body crumblesss.
Long rant on studies, pregnancy, relationships, and whatnot.

Art test tomorrow. Mid-year exam next week! Shaky on Art, don't attend class nor tuition. Since I'm sub-science, taking it outside. After-school, find teacher. Ham hor la. Need good results on this, because I want to go Art school. Prolly have to take another test outside anyways. Love the topic though. Given five. There was one on clothes, apparently. <3

AND IT IS very freakin annoying that the ministry of education or blah thinks it's OK to introduce 4 new subjects and expect us to master it in 2 years. Stupid. These are the important subjects, and they give us the least time for it. Science and Living Skills are given like what, 5 years to study?

The stream thing is also hard, especially on those who aren't specific of their careers yet. Which by the way, they should try to figure it out. Of course this is a hard decision, a life-changing one. What the heck, by all means, be decisive. I am 1000% there. Very sure. Very very.

Dropping chemistry. WTF. I think it could be interesting, but the teacher doesn't make it so. It really depends on the teacher. Students tooo, of course. It's like life, you know. The mother is supposed to protect the baby's life. And the baby should protect itself.

She constantly toggles between English and Malay, sometimes incorrectly so. I am too distracted by grammar mistakes. But of above these, I didn't do anything. Because that's how things work here. Teacher talk, you shut up. Education system of Msia.

And when I see pregnant woman, especially teachers, the picture of them doing "it" pops into mind. Teachers look frigid, but their tummy says another thing. Misogynistic comment, I know. Ever since Form 3 and learning the process of baby-making. Sorry lah.

History teacher(the one who walked out of class) was still...urm...sulking? Came in, didn't talk until half an hour later.

Went out with Mum to Secret Recipe. The food was quite OK. But the staff there wasn't. Only 2 customers there, prolly thought it would be OK to slack off a bit. Unprofessional sial. Can hear the waiter and waitress chatting loudly. Stop flirting.

And sigh, why is it that guys tend to talk to me more when they have a girlfriend/crush? And then their girlfriend get jealous. Is that the point? And then a guy and a girl broke up, the girl still likes the guy, but the guy can easily change his mind. And then sometimes guys hurt people's feeling, but they don't realise it, at all. Guys and girls are wired so differently it's like another species. Numbnuts.

They've so crazy when they want you, once they have it they don't bother anymore. Like yearning for a prize. Once you've got it it's time to aim another one.

So the mathematical reasoning is,
He care, you don't care,
He'll care,
He care, you care,
He'll not care,
Conclusion: Don't care.

Poor Ding got double-whammy(or triple) today. Three "yellings". But he very well deserved it. He broke a part of the sytrofoam Wei Kien sponsored for the class as alphabets. Vincent shouted at him on the spot. They're good friends, but they're kinda like that. Other classmates chimed in, too. He's funny, but there's a fine line between funny and annoying. Wei Kien then yelled at him, because it's his. So payback for last time Ding shouted at him over the chair. Now they're even. And then teacher came in and scolded him, and asked him to stand behind.

He's funny to observe, but I don't talk to him much because he is explosive. His hands can't stop moving. And he beats girls. Which I abhorr. Some of the guys in my class, don't really know respect.

Stupid body keep breaking down during the weekends. Not only I don't get to skip school, I have to skip fun stuff. F YOU. Not gonna let it happen again. Maybe I ate too much of junk food. When I do I get sick and then lose some weight. Not that it's a good way to lose weight.

It is very clever to invest in yourself now. Not into relationships. Arm yourself with new skills and talents. Sigh, how cheesy. But not like I study. It's just this stupid attitude I have. Because school hours are long, I refuse to study at home. Do it all in school. By the time I'm home at 4 I'm tired for anything except for recreation.

I'm typing too much info. Why not. Bored.

There's 2 types of post here. One for personal record and one for your entertainment. Personal record are like diary stuff and ranting, just something I want to get out. Not exactly to entertain. While the latter is more of pictures. This is the former. :)

I should put people more anonymously, before they get offended, really....

I am so tempted to swear.

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