Tuesday, 4 May 2010

An idle state of mind

Feeling a touch of emo-ness today. Kind of pressured, too, with;
-mid year exam
-piano exam
-learning grade 5 theory in 2 months

and the list goes on. The edited photo shows much of how I'm feeling.

There was, nothing much that happened today. I feel idle. I want to have laughing fits.

Some stupid stuff over spot check. I am too freaked to bring phone to school after losing my phone recently. A guy left his phone under the desk and it got stolen. When this happens, they go report to a teacher, then they make spot check. There's 4 phones lost up till now for this year. People always say it's a guy with the initial T.

Spot check supposed to be done after lunch. It happened before lunch. Don't know why, but a gang blamed a guy for the spot check and losing their phones and so went to hit him. Which is ridiculous, since the school has said outright that when you bring phone they will confiscate it. You know the risks. But I'll say I don't know what is their side of explaination for hitting him.

Feel bad for the guy, Busted lip. He can't go to the teacher, either. They'll gang up on him. I'm writing this because I suppose the gang doesn't read my blog. I suppose. I write this anonymously, but it's not hard to figure this out, if you were there.


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