Sunday, 9 May 2010

iPhone, Art, Alice in The Wonderland~

Recently I bought a iphone case from eBay. A very girly one. I wanted it to be eye-catching, because there are 3 iphones in my house. Seriously. iPhone converts. :/

In the picture it looks so nice right? When the item came, the decorations look low-quality. That's the bad thing about buying stuff from the internet. You can't really gauge the item correctly.

Worse still, more than 10 crystals fell out on the first day. And then 10 more. Ish. What lousy glue they use! Had the nerve to say it will not easily fall off in the description. Sigh, maybe it got bumped during shipping or whatever.

And then I went to Juicy Couture store today to find the iPhone holder I posted somewhere in my blog, but they don't carry those. Bleh.
It's from an artist called Mall. Pretty aren't they? She uses graphite in the first and acrylic on the second piece.

These are from Kei Acedera. Cute bunny, no?! Sigh, they do art so well. I found them from have some pretty good artworks based on Alice In The Wonderland.

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