Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A lil' drama

Today a few teacher got mad at us. As in the whole class.

Firstly, teacher made us tear our assignment and throw it into the bin because some of us didn't bring it. Character, down to the bin, or something like that.

Next, teacher(another) stormed out of class after throwing a pile of papers(some went to me because I sat first row). Went to apologize, which was a stupid idea because she obviously hasn't cool down yet. It was because some of us didn't to homework. I did the homework and got hit by some papers but yet I have to go apologize, because I was the assistant monitor.

Well, no, actually I didn't really apologize. Theng Loo did. Monitor, what! And he didn't bring his book, lol. Only both of us went, to find her in the office.

Other than that, it was OK. :D I liked today, actually.

Put it this way, we triggered the teacher's fuse but it was obviously a short fuse. Being a teacher is stressful.

After school, a guy came out of the box holding a cake for his girlfriend as surprise. Sweet! Wei Xian and Shi Yong, I think.

Choon Lam(?) wanted to learn piano. Asked him why. 'I want to impress girls.', he said.

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