Saturday, 29 May 2010


Today was tiring. In a good way.

Paintball at Tanamerah. Hot. Humid. Rained at the end. Soaked.

Face mask. Vest. Marker. BANG!

24 people. 5 matches. I skipped 2 matches though, because I was lazy. Ashamedly so.
Some of the people who paid deposit didn't show up. Dunno.

Had to wait for Kula. Our organizer apparently overslept.

Dylan wearing Kwok Shien's earphones. I freaked when Kwok Shien went "YO! YO! YO!!!" wearing those headphones. SERIOUSLY.

Worst injuries of the day:

James got Nazri by the neck. Poor guy. He didn't seem to notice it was that bad, though. Only when he looked at the photo. He was like, "Omg, are you serious?".

Desmond slid and got his knee scrapped.

I left unscathed, because I'm a pussy playing paintball. I was hiding by the tree the whole time. Bullets whizzed by. Got hit once in the leg, didn't feel much because it was far away, but the bullet did burst on my pants.

I admire Nicole for being good in sports and all these stuffs.

Went home with 9 people in Theng Seng's car. 6 in the backseat! Squashed with Kar Man in shotgun. Bet Ping Kuang would love to trade places with me. Lol. It was fun though.

I wish I could sleep and wake up at my own accord for tonight. Have to get up at 7, though.
Tomorrow is the day! Baptism!

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