Monday, 10 May 2010

Underwater Cuteism

Otter swan seal hippo underwater abovewater swim swim love & joyyyy.

Today, act 38 with Yih Wern. Very dangerous to sit next to her during assembly. She's loud. Lol. Likes to laugh.

And thank goodness, piano theory exam is not in July. That is practical exam. BIG sigh of relief there. Worried for nothing. :D

Teacher fined us RM2 for speaking dialects or anythingotherthanenglishormalay. When I look at some of my friend's face I automatically want to speak Cantonese/Chinese, you know? Sometimes it's not that I'm being rude, it's just instinct to use that language. But thenn, it is much easier to gossip when you're using dialects. Just saying. Christians aren't supposed to gossip, but I'm no saint. :(

Why, Malaysians have the in-built abilty to juggle between languages, but sometimes English sounds like Chinese. You know lah!

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