Thursday, 13 May 2010

Waking up at 5 in the morning. And iPhone 4G

I'm awake since 5 in the morning. I popped some pills for flu and kind of forgotten about it and dozed off. Ughhhff, I don't want to get sick again. Mid-year exam next week.

Hmm. With stuff like facebook,twitter,formspring, and whatnot, it's getting very easy to stalk people, no? I always have to remind myself to keep my life a bit more private. :)

Someone created a fake profile using a picture. Calling "herself" a c***. And her work as prostitution. Such a lame and cowardly thing to do, EWW. Went to report profile, but didn't work.

I hope I don't fall asleep in class later.

Yesterday during Physics teacher was going through our monitoring book. Our BM teacher gave us(one of them, me) 5 demerit points. Supposed to be 2. Not that it matters, because the next day school announced that they'll clear our records and start anew(with a stricter system).

En.Yogesh(phys) asked us why we didn't bring books for BM. And then some mathematical reasoning Ding made, which was basically,

Bring book, teacher don't smile,
Don't bring book, teacher don't smile.
Conclusion is no need bring book.

NOLA. Just kidding. It was just that the teacher naturally had a strict expression. Why, smilling is a submissive gesture anyways. Being submissive thus makes us un-intimadating thus makes us friendly...

Jin Fye brought E-Ring. OHMYGOSH new iPhone, again. 4G. They remodeled it. I think it's stupid to make so many versions of iPhone. As in slightly improved functions but still looking quite the same. Now this 4G thing at least looks different.

Dad also cracked his iPhone while he was in the toilet doing God knows what. Still useable. And I am annoyed that I would've to resort to jailbreaking methods to customize simple things like ringtone and theme. What is their benefit of constricting us to this?!

Brother avoided iPhone because he said everyone has it. That's what they say until they become a part of "everyone". Lol. Owning an iPhone is fun, but feels very merchandisy and run off the mill. Because everyone has it. But still fun. Whatever.

I am going to stick to my current iPhone. Until it breaks. UNLESS A PINK VERSION OF iPHONE COMES OUT. Now, I'll have to go fix that damn crystal cover rip-off from eBay(read previous post).


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