Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pushed to the edge


I am a bit clueless on what to write today. SIM KUAN FORCED ME TO BLOG MORE OFTEN.

She also forced me to load Hotel City again, because she needed me in her hotel. Hoho. Didn't start a shift thou, kept my promise!

Zhi Qi told me she might be changing class because her parents were afraid that her results weren't up to par or something like that. :( Science 2 has the least people. Everyone HAS TO STAY!

The guys were being a bit rude today. Actually they are always rude. Or at least insensitive. But I know most of them won't read this anyway because they don't really like reading English.

Well yesterday Ding tried to twist my hand and I scratched him. Today Shao Yang slapped me(lightly but still annoying. I supposed it would be "he pat my face" but that sounds wrong) and I scratched him. Both left red marks, I am happy to inflict some damage. Shao Yang was being a pussy about it and kept asking for Dettol.

I have to cut them soon. Does filing your nails make them sharper? I need them. Well guys have strength, girls have claws. And for those who want to leave your nails long you can use the "I'm playing guitar" excuse. That excuse will only do for your right hand though.

You know you have succeded in making nails your weapon when you manage to tear some skin off. If that doesn't work, aim for the groin. Well, use it on guys who are abusive.

I want Laksa and Murtabak! Dumb canteen, always running out of the few delicious things they have.

And again I have to say this, when pregnant teachers teach.... I think about what gets them pregnant. Well most of the teachers look frigid and uptight but their tummy is saying something else. Thinking like this is indeed offensive and childish.

I need to pee now.

Oh wait, and I have to say this, when I talk more bluntly and bitchily Mei Yen laughs more, and her laughs are amazing, so in a way Mei Yen encourages me to be rude.

I would like to make myself to quit using bad words, but heck. Hard you know? And I don't want to get in trouble for blogging about controversial stuff, but it's in my nature to be honest.

Trust me, I'm honest. And I shall change my blog skin soon. I want a snazzier font.

Sunday, 27 June 2010


Look I've got an apple shape watermark on my shirt. I bit into a juicy orange. :D

Arty farty stuff, don't they look like ingredients for a mega rainbow?

I haven't been such an active blogger recently because life is lagging. Like the loading phase before playing a game.

I'm in complaining mood too, but I've rant too much on my blog so I'll refrain myself.
Andd, I feel more comfortable posting pictures in my blog than in facebook or whatever because I feel like it's more justified since you're prolly at least a little interested in me since you're visiting in my blog, right?

Oh by the way, I took the picture before going to watch Toy Story 3. I loved it. Pixar is always fun.

Ken is the best, gay in such a wholesome way.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010


I really feel like bringing Lucian to Alaska or something and let him run free in knee-deep snow. I feel sorry he can't run free, always by the end of a leash. Poo. But he still grins. In a way a dog can grin.

Skipped school yesterday, body still not ready to sustain 8 hours of school. Bleh.

Mei Yen kept laughing at the littlest thing, like a bomb getting triggered by the slightest touch. Her laugh is explosive. And then a moody teacher(six months seeing her and I only saw her smile once) said, "You know, people who laugh a lot are those who are actually sad."

Nay, don't think so. Laughing is good. The best medicine. And I don't think it's wrong to try being happy. I'd rather laugh like crazy than keep a dead-straight face.

Monday, 21 June 2010


Oh boy, I think I'm in the thinking/reflecting phase.
But I'm not gonna tell you what I'm thinking.
Look for it, in the eyes.
No just kidding.
The girl of this eye has impaired vision.

School today.
Good laugh with Mei Yen.
But 8 hours of school already feels taxing.
What about working?
I feel the stress just watching Project Runway.
Exhilarating job, though!

And, I hate the notion of being perfect.
When you're sky high the only way is down,
And perfectionists aim to be perfect in what they do,
But for once, do something because you simply enjoy it. :)

Monday, 14 June 2010


I am wondering about being a vegetarian.

Plan is:
Pescetarian(eat only fish, I'd only need to give up chicken)-> try vegetarian (for a month?).

I am driven by part compulsion but countered by part resistance. If I can't stand one month I don't think I can live as a vegetarian forever. Maybe pescetarian...

I gave up pork and beef when I was 8. If I accidentially get some into mouth I will automatically spit it out. Sometimes gramma cooks congee with pork in it, I'll still eat in, but I'd freak if there was pork bits in my congee.

The pig is pink. Pork is still pink. When I see people chewing at pork I picture this pig.

I want to be a vegetarian to soothe my conscience. Animals will still get slaughtered, but not for me. And then another part of me think being a vegetarian is unnatural, and the food chain works like that.

I asked Natalie how was it being a vegetarian. She said it sucks.

What the heck, I'm not sure what now. And then what about leather bags? WTF, being animal-friendly is hard. The cows have it hard. Beef, leather, gelatin, milk, they need to provide so much. Watched a video of people hanging a pregnant cow and slicing her till blood flooded the floor. Sliced open her belly. DAMN MAN, DAMN.

Gelatin is disgusting:

Why, it's in marshmallows, gummy bears and SUGUS. Though there are vegetarian gelatin. Bovine means cattle, bytheway. Google it if you'd like.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I seldom ever draw guys. When I do they always, always manage to have a bit of gayness and queerness in them.

Art is hard. So subjective that while you may think it's awesome, someone else may think it's nothing. But either way art is something I have a chance to be good at.

Not studies, because I don't get why I need to know how many valence electrons are there in an atom or who was the resident of Perak.

I like this quote:
At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a friend, a child, or a parent. — Barbara Bush

I need school though. I need something to wake up to in the morning, or I don't bother getting up. Don't think I'll have having a stay-at-home job. Well I woke up at 3 today.


Friday, 11 June 2010


Depressing post.

The internet is fun, but once in a while you stumble upon something that ruins your day. Like a picture of a girl stabbing a puppy's throat with her stiletto.

If you want to see it you can ask, but it's really graphic. :/

And then there was one on facebook showing two retards setting a dog on fire after dowsing it with gasoline.

I hate it when people are sadistic to animals, because they are helpless and innocent.

That's why I care more about animal cruelty then I do about human cruelty. If you open the newspaper it's there everyday. Along with some other bad news. People getting run over. Rape.

And I wonder why I can live a cosseted life, while other people are suffering, not of their own doings but of how they're born.

And imagine a teenager, gambling and then getting drunk. It's real bad, isn't it? Illegal, too. And then imagine an adult doing those. Not illegal anymore. Sometimes I feel like being old justifies doing all these things.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Chuckie & Lucian

Time flies.
Once so small, now so big.
Photo lies.
Look so friendly, but fight like crazy.

I watched 10 promises to my dog.
So glad I watched it alone.
I cried. :/
The dog was a decade old when it died.
Mine's already half-way there.

Why, if you have a dog you should watch the movie.
What the dog says: You have your work, your entertainment, your friends, I only have you.
So if you have a dog, don't cage/leash it up 24/7. :D

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Meet the babies

I suppose I'll be posting more cute stuffs than stuff about my daily life because quite possibly I have no social life until school resumes. :D

The pictures were taken about 2 years ago. I shall reach to the depths of my closet and dig up my Sylvanian Families.

Ruth gave me a link of this cute photo comic thing: http://mymilktoof.blogspot.com/

OMG must photograph cute things.

Saturday, 5 June 2010


My tamagotchi collection, because I AM COOL LIKE THAT.

Well, I'm pretty lame, or faithful, because while other people have grown out of things like this I am still devoted to them. :D

Jun Wen was the one who made me play tamagotchi, because she was playing and she wanted to connect with another tamagotchi. We were freakin 9 years old back then. :)

I remember jumping through hurdles in the egg-shaped wonder while teacher was babbling something about fractions and BODMAS or whatever it was.

I've stopped playing since last year but I took it back out because I went to Zhi Qi's house and OMG she was playing tamagotchi.

Friday, 4 June 2010


And what is up with people using facebook as an outlet of anger these days? Scolding and insulting people on your status will only make you look bad. Not to mention the bad grammar and spelling. Really, people, grow up a bit! Take it face to face, not on freakin' facebook! Bleurgh.

Thursday, 3 June 2010


No lesson at school today. It happens. Am still knackered after 2 hours of nap because I slept at 2 yesterday.

Entertained ourselves with some manga. By some supplier. The girls were gasping over the steamier scenes, and then the guys wanted to see.

Chinese manga so damn cheap! RM4.50! While I was getting English manga for FREAKING RM 44.90! Now it's cheaper, about RM30 something, but still.

One of the manga has more adult content, touted as girl porn! Zhi Qi was afraid of people finding out. Hahaha. It was someone else's. Some of the stuff in there are pretty shocking. :D

I finally found someone in real life who plays neopets. I'm trying to get people excited about neopets. Zhi Qi la. Let me bring the childish side out of you.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010


This is how I hold my pencil. The tripod grip. The pencil rests on my middle finger(some people have theirs on the ring finger).

From the years of writing, a bump has formed. EEK. It got worse during exams and writing essays. If you check your fingers you probably have that bump too.

And I have my name on the mechanical pencil because this is like my 5th purple pilot. It always gets misplaced.

And I really hate electric blue coloured pens, I don't know why but I find them impossibly annoying and jarring. I like writing in purple.

I actually did quite some stuff today. Exercise, piano, drawing.

Last time I used to care about living my day happy, now I care more about living productively. Well, because I'm mostly happy already.

You know how humans are, mission accomplished, onto the next one.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Today was pretty fun. Chatting with Mei Yen and making up songs. Had yummy Laksa.

Life is pretty easy. I don't really care about challenges. I like relaxing.


I had to come today because I knew of the photography session! Jin Fye didn't come, sick. See, me, the assistant monitor, beside the class teacher. :D HAHAHAHA

OK. Sucker Shao Yang asked people to ponteng tomorrow. Sigh, I shall ponteng. Well, Wednesday has the longest school hours...

It is officially June. Six months of my youth have gone by.

I wonder when would be the day I die... how far would I have gone? :DDDD