Thursday, 3 June 2010


No lesson at school today. It happens. Am still knackered after 2 hours of nap because I slept at 2 yesterday.

Entertained ourselves with some manga. By some supplier. The girls were gasping over the steamier scenes, and then the guys wanted to see.

Chinese manga so damn cheap! RM4.50! While I was getting English manga for FREAKING RM 44.90! Now it's cheaper, about RM30 something, but still.

One of the manga has more adult content, touted as girl porn! Zhi Qi was afraid of people finding out. Hahaha. It was someone else's. Some of the stuff in there are pretty shocking. :D

I finally found someone in real life who plays neopets. I'm trying to get people excited about neopets. Zhi Qi la. Let me bring the childish side out of you.

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