Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Pushed to the edge


I am a bit clueless on what to write today. SIM KUAN FORCED ME TO BLOG MORE OFTEN.

She also forced me to load Hotel City again, because she needed me in her hotel. Hoho. Didn't start a shift thou, kept my promise!

Zhi Qi told me she might be changing class because her parents were afraid that her results weren't up to par or something like that. :( Science 2 has the least people. Everyone HAS TO STAY!

The guys were being a bit rude today. Actually they are always rude. Or at least insensitive. But I know most of them won't read this anyway because they don't really like reading English.

Well yesterday Ding tried to twist my hand and I scratched him. Today Shao Yang slapped me(lightly but still annoying. I supposed it would be "he pat my face" but that sounds wrong) and I scratched him. Both left red marks, I am happy to inflict some damage. Shao Yang was being a pussy about it and kept asking for Dettol.

I have to cut them soon. Does filing your nails make them sharper? I need them. Well guys have strength, girls have claws. And for those who want to leave your nails long you can use the "I'm playing guitar" excuse. That excuse will only do for your right hand though.

You know you have succeded in making nails your weapon when you manage to tear some skin off. If that doesn't work, aim for the groin. Well, use it on guys who are abusive.

I want Laksa and Murtabak! Dumb canteen, always running out of the few delicious things they have.

And again I have to say this, when pregnant teachers teach.... I think about what gets them pregnant. Well most of the teachers look frigid and uptight but their tummy is saying something else. Thinking like this is indeed offensive and childish.

I need to pee now.

Oh wait, and I have to say this, when I talk more bluntly and bitchily Mei Yen laughs more, and her laughs are amazing, so in a way Mei Yen encourages me to be rude.

I would like to make myself to quit using bad words, but heck. Hard you know? And I don't want to get in trouble for blogging about controversial stuff, but it's in my nature to be honest.

Trust me, I'm honest. And I shall change my blog skin soon. I want a snazzier font.

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