Friday, 11 June 2010


Depressing post.

The internet is fun, but once in a while you stumble upon something that ruins your day. Like a picture of a girl stabbing a puppy's throat with her stiletto.

If you want to see it you can ask, but it's really graphic. :/

And then there was one on facebook showing two retards setting a dog on fire after dowsing it with gasoline.

I hate it when people are sadistic to animals, because they are helpless and innocent.

That's why I care more about animal cruelty then I do about human cruelty. If you open the newspaper it's there everyday. Along with some other bad news. People getting run over. Rape.

And I wonder why I can live a cosseted life, while other people are suffering, not of their own doings but of how they're born.

And imagine a teenager, gambling and then getting drunk. It's real bad, isn't it? Illegal, too. And then imagine an adult doing those. Not illegal anymore. Sometimes I feel like being old justifies doing all these things.

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