Monday, 14 June 2010


I am wondering about being a vegetarian.

Plan is:
Pescetarian(eat only fish, I'd only need to give up chicken)-> try vegetarian (for a month?).

I am driven by part compulsion but countered by part resistance. If I can't stand one month I don't think I can live as a vegetarian forever. Maybe pescetarian...

I gave up pork and beef when I was 8. If I accidentially get some into mouth I will automatically spit it out. Sometimes gramma cooks congee with pork in it, I'll still eat in, but I'd freak if there was pork bits in my congee.

The pig is pink. Pork is still pink. When I see people chewing at pork I picture this pig.

I want to be a vegetarian to soothe my conscience. Animals will still get slaughtered, but not for me. And then another part of me think being a vegetarian is unnatural, and the food chain works like that.

I asked Natalie how was it being a vegetarian. She said it sucks.

What the heck, I'm not sure what now. And then what about leather bags? WTF, being animal-friendly is hard. The cows have it hard. Beef, leather, gelatin, milk, they need to provide so much. Watched a video of people hanging a pregnant cow and slicing her till blood flooded the floor. Sliced open her belly. DAMN MAN, DAMN.

Gelatin is disgusting:

Why, it's in marshmallows, gummy bears and SUGUS. Though there are vegetarian gelatin. Bovine means cattle, bytheway. Google it if you'd like.

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