Saturday, 31 July 2010

Family day

I'm not sure why it's called Family Day as there was no family involved. Maybe it means that all the form 4 are like family or something.

We were supposed to come at 11 but it was boring for an hour or so. Waiting for people to come. Did charades.

Went off to McD in the middle of it. Jin Fye made some kick-ass cornflake cookies. Yum. A lot of people lugging DSLRs. I want one too. But technology is always unreliable. Stupid laptop's mouse AND keyboard not working properly.

Walked to McD and it was dang hot. Sweating. Was wearing black and black absorbs heat you know! Usually like white cotton tees but we were gonna get wet later so no. We were black white black white though. See!

Camwhored at the toilet. Hahhahaha. Bought 1 refillable Sprite and 4 person shared one. Damn cheapskate, right? Save money!

Went with Zhi Qi, Jin Fye and Mei Yen.

When we went back we were just in time for the splashing game. The team which loses scissors-paper-stone will get balloons fired at them. Muahahaha. Won 2 out of 3, I think. Backfired once when I throwed a balloon at Kok Leong and it didn't burst. He took my balloon and I tired snatching it back and then poop it goes.

After a few rounds all the balloons were dead and so we used flour. Yucky to get flour in the hair. The floor was also slippery and mixed with water and flour.

Then we had some snacks. I didn't get the freakin pizza. They ordered only 3. I think they earn quite some money , because RM15 for each person and more than 50 were going, so they have like 1k $$$! Good grief, I wonder what did they use it for.

Lastly there were performances. Didn't stay till the end.

And so now I am at home. Lucky those who are going MTV World Stage!


Thursday, 29 July 2010


Narcissist to me is being self-obsessed. Easy to be so when no one knows you better than yourself.

I am getting the habit of taking photos in the fitting room after trying on clothes. Mirrors attract me. I cannot walk by a reflective surface without looking at it.

Surprised to realise being narcissistic can be classified as mental problem. Which is: "Narcissistic Personality Disorder". I think everyone has an inner narcissist. The word is derived from a Greek myth person called Narcissus. He fell in love in his reflection by the pond and then drowned in it.

Oh yeah. One more phone stolen. Kwok Shien's. Good grief. 4th person in our class to "kena". Freaky to know a thief lurking beneath the shadows.

Siet Yen and Yen Teng's phone got confiscated. That's better than getting stolen, though Siet Yen was upset because she could only get it back by the end of the year. During lunch there was like a freakin' meeting in the toilet. Joo Yee told Pn. Aini they brought phones or something. Everybody brings phone, what's the big deal. And Pn. Aini, she's discipline teacher and whatnot, but she herself comes late to school. Kinda hypocritical, no?

The bracelet for not swearing thing is in effect. Failed for today. Said it twice. Hard to swear when everyone around you is.

Sim Kuan changed her blog to private mood. She better let me in. Poo poo. I'm making her. Well she reads mine all the time, I want to read hers too.

School was OK today. Mei Yen kept on sniffing out snot though and she sits beside me. When your friends are sick it's like they have to take a vacation from having fun anyway. Had sore throat and didn't attend school yesterday, but it's all gone after swallowing 5 Panadols Cold & Flu.

Theng Loo punched me in the arm and Vincent helped me punch him back because we share the same surname. The Tan. :D Guys are rough, and after a while you get used to it anyway.

Ping Kuang was in his hamsap mode and kept talking about indecent shits. Was busy copying Accounts homework for being absent. Some of the things he say makes people want to slap him. A while ago he had nosebleed and a drop of it went onto my Physics book. It was at the side and so stained more than half of the pages. :(

A lot of people asking for money. When people come for money I feel like swatting them off like flies. We're students. We don't have much money to spare, OK. Civic project. Bleurgh. Buy paint to paint the school. Pay money and do the work. How rewarding. Now that I think about it, I have to stay back for 6 hours tomorrow. I want to fly off early. Family Day on Saturday.

And one more pic before signing off. :D
The ruffles of this shirt are shrunk now, need to iron them out!

Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hi. Loaded post.

Was supposed to go to Atiqah's birthday today but something came up. Went din-din with family and Mei Yen instead. Sorry & Happy birthday if you're reading this. :(

Mei Yen wanted to go out badly because after the sitting position changed we've been a bit stressed. Boring lah. And I was going out for dinner so I asked her to follow me. :D

I think we look alike, and it's true that as you spend more time with a person you influence each other. People will believe we're sisters. Same surname somemore!

Mei Yen asked me to camwhore on this on. A mirror in F.O.S. Cheap clothes.

OK, so I was camwhoring inside of the fitting room(to see how the clothes look like). And then I shouted, "Eh, looks nice!" and Mei Yen was in the next cubicle. So she asked me to come out and see.

....AND GUESS WHAT? We picked the same clothes. Hahahahaha deja vu.

And then next we had Starbucks on-the-go. Don't usually drink Starbucks because I hate coffee and such. Mei Yen got iced latte but didn't like hers. I got green tea frappucino. Got it because I saw nigahiga on youtube talking about it(years ago). Said it look like diarrhea but tasted awesome. And it did taste pretty awesome. Except that after a while the sugar or whatever feels too much.

OK, and then in the car Mei Yen couldn't stand her drink so we decided to mix it with mine. No difference.

And yes, ultra vain post but once in a week only! :D I like how the camera lies, how it is forgiving on blemishes and imperfections. So don't trust pictures. ;]

Mei Yen wants me to post this on facebook. Lazy. Maybe later. I don't like posting pictures on facebook because I can't tell the story behind the picture. Though it's fun to tag. I don't know.

And I like that I have a bestfriend. Having a clique is fun, but I always hear about feuds within cliques.

I'm excited to magically print all my blog content into a book. MUAHAHAHA.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Piano Exam

It was a little nerve-wrecking, and I'd laugh if I managed to scrape a pass.

1 year and 5 months ago I thought it would be nice to skip 5 grades in one year, thinking I can't do one grade a year because I started so late. But now I'm scared that I be running too fast and fall flat on my face.

I don't want to take exam next year. Piano lessons get so boring when you sign up for an exam. More than 6 months it was like, same shit, different day. I guess that's why a lot of people hate piano, and you gotta take a lot of criticism. But if I fail I'll still keep on playing.

I got a male caucasian examiner. He reminded me of Pooh Bear a lil' because of his stature. But he was just polite, not friendly. And at least if you did bad, he isn't one to look at you degradingly. Was surprised to see quite a number of people buzzing around the hotel room hall. Six different rooms, each with one piano and an examiner.

And I skipped school today, I could have gone to school and come back at 2 o' clock like Guat Tyng but I spent 3 hours practising on the piano. :(

Ho-hum, I think that everyone should have something they're passionate of, something they're good at. Why it could be anything, sports, cooking, socialising.

And if you want to see me play:

Username same as blog link. ;D

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


Today, we shifted our class positions. That changes quite a lot of things. Used to be in rows of 2 but now rows of 4. My row has all girls. The only girl not there is Nicole, who sits behind me. It's the first day but I miss the old position. New one feels more cliquish.

Well there's also class politics and voting. Started changing because of Wei Kean. Pfft. He sits beside me now. I miss Shao Yang. But I'm currently very annoyed that he lost my borrowed magazine.

Started changing because Wei Kean didn't want to sit beside Ming Wai. IDK, ppl kept pushing him around and so he sits at the back. Pn Rekha was like, "Why you guys don't like him?". He was absent today.

During accounts today a lot of ppl kena from En.Hari. Vincent got 5 times, and in each his face twists in pain. En.Hari's very good in inflicting pain. :( And then the funny one was Weng Hock forgot he wasn't supposed to drink in class but he did, and somehow he drank until he had to vomit.

Well I napped until I got dizzy. A 4 hour nap. :]

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I built a piano


The nanoblock thingy that is like jigsaw puzzle but with lego-like blocks. I found it cute. :D

Muahahaha done after an hour. Used Chuckie to show how big it is.

And right where it belongs.

I should be practising piano but the thunder is so loud. Monday was fun. Like very nice, actually. Today was kinda boring because of the prescribed timetable. Double-whammy of Chemistry, then Moral, in the morning.

Dropping Chemistry! I fail to absorb what the teacher is saying. :( Found her teaching dispassionate. Dunno. Maybe it's just her voice. And it's pretty rubbish to make us memorize more than 30 "nilai" definitions for Moral. What, they think it'll make us a better person? In chinese, this is just 读死书.

And also sometimes I find situations which is like, guy likes girl, girl still haven't accept. And then I get friendly with the guy. I'm like a magnet for those, I hate it. >:o

Well today is also Jin Fye's birthday. In our form there's this sick tradition that the present for the birthday boy is a molesting session. Playing only, but it's pretty gross. :D

During accounts Jin Fye was summoned out, and then the "ask&answer" session ensued. Of course, juicy tidbits were spilled but the teacher made us seal our lips. They're having an impromptu dinner party thingy at The Curve tonight.

Oyea, Ahmad & Arafat got suspended I think. For whacking Fikri with a stick. Some misunderstanding la.

Kula told me his blog. A while ago there was a conversation that was like,
Me: Have blog?
Kula: No
Me: Why?
Kula: I don't like to write about my life.

He did have a blog but no it isn't about his life. Pfft, half-truths.

Zhi Qi treat me some ice-cream today. Because I'm fetching her home. Lol.


And MoreLomo. Before and after somemore!

Getting sleepy, the Aloha Chicken pizza had a soporific effect nom nom!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

I love Sundays

Mega posts on Sundays. I think. I like Sundays. :]

Especially after FGT. Church makes Sundays more meaningful. The whole week more meaningful. Used to dread waking up early on Sunday but now, I don't care. Helps me wake up on Mondays anyway! I dread Mondays quite often. Statistic says that most suicides happens on Monday. No, serious.

I like dressing up on Sundays.

The shoes were bought at least a year ago. Seldom wore it because it was a little too loose. Not to mention a lil' too high.

The Randhawa sisters seem very interested in heels. :D Two of them asked me how high was it. LMAO. Took it off to let Angely walk in them. Also bought a pair of black raffia wedges for RM50 at Isetan. Special offer or something.

Look look! Korean t-shirt thingy for Rm25 @ The Curve. It was Rm29 but got cheaper right after asking, "Ada diskaun tak?". Must use that phrase more often!

And, why, it is easy to look ugly but hard to look pretty. Easy to get fat but hard get slim. I also wished blogspot has in-built smileys so I don't have to do :) or :( &whatever all the time.

Nat told me that when cows are getting slaughtered as sacrifice their necks are really thick and the people have to keep on sawing it off while the cow still moos in pain. It's ludicrous to use animals as sacrifice. As offering, maybe. I mean animals are innocent, ok! They don't even know what's right and what's wrong. So what's the point of sacrificing them for our sins? Christians used to do that too in the Old Testament. Dunno. Offering maybe.

And woah, there's even animal cruelty in the Pokemon world. Or Pokemon cruelty. IDK. You know slowpoke, that fat little pig? One point in the story the tails got cut off by Team Rocket and were used as delicacies.

And oh, this thingy was bundled with Pokemon HeartGold. It's a pedometer called PokeWalker but it isn't so accurate.

Now you know I play pokemon. I don't mind being childish, because who doesn't want to be a child? Also I'm a girl so I don't have to worry that it's wimpish to play Pokemon. :D

Today in the lady's at KLCC there was a queue, the boy kept whining and bugging his mum why he had to queue and whining and whining to the point that the mum took off her shoes and whacked him. LMAO. Seriously? And then he cried for a bit, I think he will remember to queue up next time. Ahem.

I AM GOING TO BUILD A PIANO! Hahaha nola, bought this nanoblock thing.



Friday, 16 July 2010



I don't know why I was so angry. It nicely dissapeared after hitting the sack. Think many people skipped school today, influenced one to do so. After this week, there's no more excuse to skip.

I read some of my old diaries, way back in 2006 (12 years old). Well heck, I whine about things as much as I did then. OK, look on the brighter side of things. :D

I saw this Q-Dees kindergarten book too. The teacher remarked that I was smart, cute, and the artist of the class but commented that I had horrible social skills. Why give me some slack, I was 6 years old! But I liked that teacher, she gave me mandarin tuitions too. Though I often cried when tuition came. And btw I drew shits back then, amazing she called me an artist. Why, adults are very generous when it comes to complimenting kids.

And I guess I'm not the social butterfly type, more like find a bestfriend then anchor to her and share everything. IDK, that just feels more like home. I have to confess thou, I like people coming to me, not me going to people. I hate awkward silences. When you're bestfriends thou, there's never awkward silence, it switches to comfortable silence.

I miss being a kid, sometimes ignorance is just bliss. And being taken care of, and not being expected much of. But whatever, I'm feeling sort of weird.

Buh byez. ;]

Thursday, 15 July 2010



Fed up of school. Same shit, different day. Concert practises messing up our whole timetable altogether. The good thing is it will be over by next week. Rants are boring, but necessary to release my pent-up frustrations.

Mostly annoyed because someone lost a magazine I borrowed from the library, National Geographic. Sorei simply plucked it away from my desk or something. When I was asking her, her brain was working so slowly I thought it wasn't working at all. Taking it without my permission, then losing it. Wow, great.

Then she said she gave it to Shao Yang, and somebody took it from Shao Yang. But what really irritated me was watching her recollect her thoughts, it was like daydreaming for her. People are so callous with my stuff, they don't give a flying dutch if they lose it.

If it goes missing I'd have to repay the library. I'm tired of people asking for money. St.John fees, Class funds. Does being in a private school means they can suck money out of our pockets?

St. John fees are RM15 annually, I'd give, but after getting forced to pay RM20, no. They have this thing every year where they force poor St. Johns to sell stickers. The best part of it, whether you sell it or not you'll have to pay them. I feel forced. St. John is supposed to be an at least charitable organization. And can't they even make the stickers nicer? The sticker looks so dull I wouldn't buy it, so who would? Poor teachers of course.

And then there are class funds, every year the class set up a treasurer, and set how much we will pay. We vote. This year it was set without voting, we would collect RM1000 by the end of the year if everyone 20 people in our class pays. And why in the world would we need that much of money as class funds? Decorations and class party don't cost that much, learn some finesse and spend money smartly, duh. RM1000 can do a lot of things.

And what else? Falcons t-shirt I haven't got yet. Teacher still on my back for not going to school. But today there was so many wasted periods and odd lurking.

Oh yeah, my friend cried today. Over something someone said. Words can be poisonous and put venom in people's hearts. No seriously. If a guy says something that hurts, he's mostly being rude and insensitive, if a girl says something that hurts, she's mostly being bitchy and mean.


I just don't like unresolved problems looming over the back of my head. It's bugging me, trivial little problems forcing me to do trivial little things.

Problems: get back the damn magazine someone so joyfully misplaced, find Farah Aina(I think) to get Falcon's t-shirt, get over snarky comments(well they can only hurt if you let them), quit St. John if they ask me for annual fee and get over piano exam.

And dang I don't like being angsty but pressure makes me that way. I'm laidback, you know. PFFT. Sucky week.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


:D :D :D

Feeling good, skipped school, had to or I'll get sick or pissy. Took some panadols last night.

I dunno but sometimes school sucks my energy and leave me in apathy. Can't skip more thou, Pn.Rekha has already marked me down as "the one with worst attendance".

Today was a day well spent. I even took the time to colour-code my wardrobe.


Why, sometimes I feel having an ambition as a fashion designer justifies buying anything fashion-related because if I don't learn to dress myself properly then how am I going to dress others? And then magazines like Vogue and Harper's Bazaar can be classified as "research"....

Sparkly things. All that glitters. Oh boy. I love them shiny.

And some JC charms. They're much cheaper in Singapore. I dunno. They have great discounts.

Being in a uniform and a school that does not appreciate creativity(at least on appearance) and no accesories or extra piercings or whatever is restricting. But then it's much convenient to throw on the same freakin thing every morning. :D

Okay that's all. Gotta go, gotta go. Stop wasting time on the internet. :)

Monday, 12 July 2010

The weekends

So sleepy I feel like I only have half a brain on. They say sleep helps you remember and dreams are a reenactment of your day. Yesterday was the last FIFA match, some stayed up from midnight but still came to school. Yen Yi, I don't know how you stand it.

Sunday and Monday makes me real tired. Church, Shopping, Dinner, School, Piano. I like them but too much of a good thing is bad.

And I wonder if I would be the first to skip 5 grades in one year and then, the first to fail practical exam. Pfft, piano.

Today a bunch of ppl were sent to Legend Hotel for concert practise(pretty boring. skipping school tomo! Nam was very funny thou). And Jin Fye lost his phone during the last period. :(

Reminded me of when I lost mine(or my bro's, to be more accurate). He brought two handphone but only one was lost. IDK. Ding was in the class for a while so Jin Fye kept asking if he saw it and hinted at how he would strangle the person who'd done it. Ding has a tendency to raise his eyebrows when he's trying to lie or feeling insecure(or so I noticed). But I was too busy doing Physics peka to take note of that. IDK MAN. I don't know.

Again I just hope there are no thieves in the class. I hate people who steal, you know? It's disgusting how they don't think the extent of the consequences from their actions. Worse even if it's a friend, betraying other people's trust.

Anyways. I ate macaroon. From Godiva. Wasn't so expensive considering a box of chocolate there can be way more than RM100. This was just RM 14. Well it looks better than it taste. I need to find the perfect macaroon.

And oh, pillowcase! My Melody. Looks like something a ten-year old would use, but who doesn't love being a ten-year old? Ignorance is bliss.

And oh, Lomo effect by using an iPhone application. The apps are fun. Lomo makes the photo become over-exposed. Sometimes I cringed at people's camwhore pics. I wonder if people cringe at mine? :D

And I think there was something else I wanted to say but my brain is so sleepy... Oh yeah. Eunice got a vision of me. Walking out of the path of light and into the path of darkness then back to the path of light(after some incident). Some other details but I better not divulge it. We were doing this in church. I'm gonna see if it's true. See what gives for chasing my ambitions and whatnot. :)

Prayed last night too, I seldom do, but now I will. If you haven't felt God it's a very hard thing to describe, like trying to describe the smell of your favourite childhood pillow.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Thinking of studying overseas, becoming a fashion designer, but what if I was like a ship heading to an island of treasure, thinking so much of the gold I would find and forgetting the beautiful open skies around me or something like that?

But then, it would be better to turn all the "what ifs" in this world to "why not?".

Right now, though, I'm drifting aimlessly. :(

I'm talking weird, because I've read Memoirs of a Geisha. IDK. Another boring week for school because quite a number of students may be dragged to Legend Hotel for practise. Skipping school isn't fun when you do it too often, but this concert activities pretty much leave me with no choice, ho hum...

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


A little misunderstanding happened today. It almost turn into a stupid little feud where good friends start to avoid each other and things get awkward over an unresolved fight. I'm glad she didn't let this happen, I'm glad she came after me even though I ran away.

Basically I got upset over something she said but it was a slip of the mouth, she didn't mean it.

Some friends get stronger after a feud while some, more... awkward?

A while before two girls were in a feud over a guy, they're OK now, but they're no more as close as before. :( Though I had a big fight once shouting and screaming but we got closer after that.

I'm not sure of anything, a little too drowsy and bored. School is messed up because of Concert and Cheer practises. I hate it when it gets like that. Everything at a snail's pace, half the students in class missing.

And the Cheer, they have been dying to get into the competition but it's a wonder why they didn't practise earlier. Why try so hard for a competition when you know there's not enough time? Just my opinion that some of you may beg to differ.

But I ate Laksa today, YUMMMMM.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blog book

Came back from Church. Is everybody at home watching FIFA nowadays?

Thought of turning my blog into a book someday, maybe 5 years from now. Pretty neat to file my teenage years in a blog and turn it into a diary, no?

Reading blogs are fun, they offer a peak into someone's life and thoughts. And I spent an hour fiddling around the blog template but ended up staying the same. :/ Well this is just more convenient. Only changed the font. I edited the HTML myself MUAHAHAHA.

Look! Lucian looks like the same size as me.

It's my brother's dog, but my brother can go for weeks without seeing him so I takeover. I like forcing my dogs to camwhore with me. It's fun to take pictures with a non-human, you know?

And not to leave Chuckie out because he's getting old already. Old buddy. I won't tell you how old exactly, but I got him when I was in primary school and I'm already 16.

Pfft, I'm gonna flood the house with tears if he ever leaves me.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Youtube period


Hahah piano exam coming. I hate the wait. And OMG if fail, waste money and lose face OK!

And a list of common misspelled words.

If you cannot tell which is the correct side then your spelling=FAIL. Hahaha jk jk.

And girls, if you are wondering what makes ur tummy such a sucker during menstruation, the culprit is prostaglandin! Makes ur uterus contract to force the mucus out.

The special thing is that women can bleed for a week and not die.

Though really I wonder why we release a new egg each damned month instead of waiting until the sperm actually arrives. So wasteful and inconvenient, you know?

Um. Sorry if you were disgusted/offended. But you shouldn't be anyway because the stuff in period is what nourishes you when you were growing in your momma's womb.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Report Card


Saw my results. Asked teacher about rankings and she brought the list! Will not be at school for report card day tomorrow. Rest.

Zhi Qi's dad gave her the silent treatment after knowing she was getting bad results and I made a bet with Shao Yang to see if he can get into top 15. Out of 21 students. He is ranked 21st. HAHAHAHAHA. Winner gets treated to a meal.

I improved! Got a boost from dumping Add Maths for Commerce and taking Art. HAHAHAHA.
I want prize. :( Hari Anugerah. Last 2 years I was in the smart class and that relinquished any chance I had. I'm hungry for it but I'm not exactly up to studying. OK I shall study.

and I think I should camwhore more for my blog. do you not enjoy pictures!