Sunday, 4 July 2010

Blog book

Came back from Church. Is everybody at home watching FIFA nowadays?

Thought of turning my blog into a book someday, maybe 5 years from now. Pretty neat to file my teenage years in a blog and turn it into a diary, no?

Reading blogs are fun, they offer a peak into someone's life and thoughts. And I spent an hour fiddling around the blog template but ended up staying the same. :/ Well this is just more convenient. Only changed the font. I edited the HTML myself MUAHAHAHA.

Look! Lucian looks like the same size as me.

It's my brother's dog, but my brother can go for weeks without seeing him so I takeover. I like forcing my dogs to camwhore with me. It's fun to take pictures with a non-human, you know?

And not to leave Chuckie out because he's getting old already. Old buddy. I won't tell you how old exactly, but I got him when I was in primary school and I'm already 16.

Pfft, I'm gonna flood the house with tears if he ever leaves me.

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