Saturday, 31 July 2010

Family day

I'm not sure why it's called Family Day as there was no family involved. Maybe it means that all the form 4 are like family or something.

We were supposed to come at 11 but it was boring for an hour or so. Waiting for people to come. Did charades.

Went off to McD in the middle of it. Jin Fye made some kick-ass cornflake cookies. Yum. A lot of people lugging DSLRs. I want one too. But technology is always unreliable. Stupid laptop's mouse AND keyboard not working properly.

Walked to McD and it was dang hot. Sweating. Was wearing black and black absorbs heat you know! Usually like white cotton tees but we were gonna get wet later so no. We were black white black white though. See!

Camwhored at the toilet. Hahhahaha. Bought 1 refillable Sprite and 4 person shared one. Damn cheapskate, right? Save money!

Went with Zhi Qi, Jin Fye and Mei Yen.

When we went back we were just in time for the splashing game. The team which loses scissors-paper-stone will get balloons fired at them. Muahahaha. Won 2 out of 3, I think. Backfired once when I throwed a balloon at Kok Leong and it didn't burst. He took my balloon and I tired snatching it back and then poop it goes.

After a few rounds all the balloons were dead and so we used flour. Yucky to get flour in the hair. The floor was also slippery and mixed with water and flour.

Then we had some snacks. I didn't get the freakin pizza. They ordered only 3. I think they earn quite some money , because RM15 for each person and more than 50 were going, so they have like 1k $$$! Good grief, I wonder what did they use it for.

Lastly there were performances. Didn't stay till the end.

And so now I am at home. Lucky those who are going MTV World Stage!


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