Wednesday, 7 July 2010


A little misunderstanding happened today. It almost turn into a stupid little feud where good friends start to avoid each other and things get awkward over an unresolved fight. I'm glad she didn't let this happen, I'm glad she came after me even though I ran away.

Basically I got upset over something she said but it was a slip of the mouth, she didn't mean it.

Some friends get stronger after a feud while some, more... awkward?

A while before two girls were in a feud over a guy, they're OK now, but they're no more as close as before. :( Though I had a big fight once shouting and screaming but we got closer after that.

I'm not sure of anything, a little too drowsy and bored. School is messed up because of Concert and Cheer practises. I hate it when it gets like that. Everything at a snail's pace, half the students in class missing.

And the Cheer, they have been dying to get into the competition but it's a wonder why they didn't practise earlier. Why try so hard for a competition when you know there's not enough time? Just my opinion that some of you may beg to differ.

But I ate Laksa today, YUMMMMM.

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