Friday, 16 July 2010



I don't know why I was so angry. It nicely dissapeared after hitting the sack. Think many people skipped school today, influenced one to do so. After this week, there's no more excuse to skip.

I read some of my old diaries, way back in 2006 (12 years old). Well heck, I whine about things as much as I did then. OK, look on the brighter side of things. :D

I saw this Q-Dees kindergarten book too. The teacher remarked that I was smart, cute, and the artist of the class but commented that I had horrible social skills. Why give me some slack, I was 6 years old! But I liked that teacher, she gave me mandarin tuitions too. Though I often cried when tuition came. And btw I drew shits back then, amazing she called me an artist. Why, adults are very generous when it comes to complimenting kids.

And I guess I'm not the social butterfly type, more like find a bestfriend then anchor to her and share everything. IDK, that just feels more like home. I have to confess thou, I like people coming to me, not me going to people. I hate awkward silences. When you're bestfriends thou, there's never awkward silence, it switches to comfortable silence.

I miss being a kid, sometimes ignorance is just bliss. And being taken care of, and not being expected much of. But whatever, I'm feeling sort of weird.

Buh byez. ;]

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