Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I built a piano


The nanoblock thingy that is like jigsaw puzzle but with lego-like blocks. I found it cute. :D

Muahahaha done after an hour. Used Chuckie to show how big it is.

And right where it belongs.

I should be practising piano but the thunder is so loud. Monday was fun. Like very nice, actually. Today was kinda boring because of the prescribed timetable. Double-whammy of Chemistry, then Moral, in the morning.

Dropping Chemistry! I fail to absorb what the teacher is saying. :( Found her teaching dispassionate. Dunno. Maybe it's just her voice. And it's pretty rubbish to make us memorize more than 30 "nilai" definitions for Moral. What, they think it'll make us a better person? In chinese, this is just 读死书.

And also sometimes I find situations which is like, guy likes girl, girl still haven't accept. And then I get friendly with the guy. I'm like a magnet for those, I hate it. >:o

Well today is also Jin Fye's birthday. In our form there's this sick tradition that the present for the birthday boy is a molesting session. Playing only, but it's pretty gross. :D

During accounts Jin Fye was summoned out, and then the "ask&answer" session ensued. Of course, juicy tidbits were spilled but the teacher made us seal our lips. They're having an impromptu dinner party thingy at The Curve tonight.

Oyea, Ahmad & Arafat got suspended I think. For whacking Fikri with a stick. Some misunderstanding la.

Kula told me his blog. A while ago there was a conversation that was like,
Me: Have blog?
Kula: No
Me: Why?
Kula: I don't like to write about my life.

He did have a blog but no it isn't about his life. Pfft, half-truths.

Zhi Qi treat me some ice-cream today. Because I'm fetching her home. Lol.


And MoreLomo. Before and after somemore!

Getting sleepy, the Aloha Chicken pizza had a soporific effect nom nom!

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