Sunday, 18 July 2010

I love Sundays

Mega posts on Sundays. I think. I like Sundays. :]

Especially after FGT. Church makes Sundays more meaningful. The whole week more meaningful. Used to dread waking up early on Sunday but now, I don't care. Helps me wake up on Mondays anyway! I dread Mondays quite often. Statistic says that most suicides happens on Monday. No, serious.

I like dressing up on Sundays.

The shoes were bought at least a year ago. Seldom wore it because it was a little too loose. Not to mention a lil' too high.

The Randhawa sisters seem very interested in heels. :D Two of them asked me how high was it. LMAO. Took it off to let Angely walk in them. Also bought a pair of black raffia wedges for RM50 at Isetan. Special offer or something.

Look look! Korean t-shirt thingy for Rm25 @ The Curve. It was Rm29 but got cheaper right after asking, "Ada diskaun tak?". Must use that phrase more often!

And, why, it is easy to look ugly but hard to look pretty. Easy to get fat but hard get slim. I also wished blogspot has in-built smileys so I don't have to do :) or :( &whatever all the time.

Nat told me that when cows are getting slaughtered as sacrifice their necks are really thick and the people have to keep on sawing it off while the cow still moos in pain. It's ludicrous to use animals as sacrifice. As offering, maybe. I mean animals are innocent, ok! They don't even know what's right and what's wrong. So what's the point of sacrificing them for our sins? Christians used to do that too in the Old Testament. Dunno. Offering maybe.

And woah, there's even animal cruelty in the Pokemon world. Or Pokemon cruelty. IDK. You know slowpoke, that fat little pig? One point in the story the tails got cut off by Team Rocket and were used as delicacies.

And oh, this thingy was bundled with Pokemon HeartGold. It's a pedometer called PokeWalker but it isn't so accurate.

Now you know I play pokemon. I don't mind being childish, because who doesn't want to be a child? Also I'm a girl so I don't have to worry that it's wimpish to play Pokemon. :D

Today in the lady's at KLCC there was a queue, the boy kept whining and bugging his mum why he had to queue and whining and whining to the point that the mum took off her shoes and whacked him. LMAO. Seriously? And then he cried for a bit, I think he will remember to queue up next time. Ahem.

I AM GOING TO BUILD A PIANO! Hahaha nola, bought this nanoblock thing.



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