Thursday, 15 July 2010



Fed up of school. Same shit, different day. Concert practises messing up our whole timetable altogether. The good thing is it will be over by next week. Rants are boring, but necessary to release my pent-up frustrations.

Mostly annoyed because someone lost a magazine I borrowed from the library, National Geographic. Sorei simply plucked it away from my desk or something. When I was asking her, her brain was working so slowly I thought it wasn't working at all. Taking it without my permission, then losing it. Wow, great.

Then she said she gave it to Shao Yang, and somebody took it from Shao Yang. But what really irritated me was watching her recollect her thoughts, it was like daydreaming for her. People are so callous with my stuff, they don't give a flying dutch if they lose it.

If it goes missing I'd have to repay the library. I'm tired of people asking for money. St.John fees, Class funds. Does being in a private school means they can suck money out of our pockets?

St. John fees are RM15 annually, I'd give, but after getting forced to pay RM20, no. They have this thing every year where they force poor St. Johns to sell stickers. The best part of it, whether you sell it or not you'll have to pay them. I feel forced. St. John is supposed to be an at least charitable organization. And can't they even make the stickers nicer? The sticker looks so dull I wouldn't buy it, so who would? Poor teachers of course.

And then there are class funds, every year the class set up a treasurer, and set how much we will pay. We vote. This year it was set without voting, we would collect RM1000 by the end of the year if everyone 20 people in our class pays. And why in the world would we need that much of money as class funds? Decorations and class party don't cost that much, learn some finesse and spend money smartly, duh. RM1000 can do a lot of things.

And what else? Falcons t-shirt I haven't got yet. Teacher still on my back for not going to school. But today there was so many wasted periods and odd lurking.

Oh yeah, my friend cried today. Over something someone said. Words can be poisonous and put venom in people's hearts. No seriously. If a guy says something that hurts, he's mostly being rude and insensitive, if a girl says something that hurts, she's mostly being bitchy and mean.


I just don't like unresolved problems looming over the back of my head. It's bugging me, trivial little problems forcing me to do trivial little things.

Problems: get back the damn magazine someone so joyfully misplaced, find Farah Aina(I think) to get Falcon's t-shirt, get over snarky comments(well they can only hurt if you let them), quit St. John if they ask me for annual fee and get over piano exam.

And dang I don't like being angsty but pressure makes me that way. I'm laidback, you know. PFFT. Sucky week.

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