Thursday, 29 July 2010


Narcissist to me is being self-obsessed. Easy to be so when no one knows you better than yourself.

I am getting the habit of taking photos in the fitting room after trying on clothes. Mirrors attract me. I cannot walk by a reflective surface without looking at it.

Surprised to realise being narcissistic can be classified as mental problem. Which is: "Narcissistic Personality Disorder". I think everyone has an inner narcissist. The word is derived from a Greek myth person called Narcissus. He fell in love in his reflection by the pond and then drowned in it.

Oh yeah. One more phone stolen. Kwok Shien's. Good grief. 4th person in our class to "kena". Freaky to know a thief lurking beneath the shadows.

Siet Yen and Yen Teng's phone got confiscated. That's better than getting stolen, though Siet Yen was upset because she could only get it back by the end of the year. During lunch there was like a freakin' meeting in the toilet. Joo Yee told Pn. Aini they brought phones or something. Everybody brings phone, what's the big deal. And Pn. Aini, she's discipline teacher and whatnot, but she herself comes late to school. Kinda hypocritical, no?

The bracelet for not swearing thing is in effect. Failed for today. Said it twice. Hard to swear when everyone around you is.

Sim Kuan changed her blog to private mood. She better let me in. Poo poo. I'm making her. Well she reads mine all the time, I want to read hers too.

School was OK today. Mei Yen kept on sniffing out snot though and she sits beside me. When your friends are sick it's like they have to take a vacation from having fun anyway. Had sore throat and didn't attend school yesterday, but it's all gone after swallowing 5 Panadols Cold & Flu.

Theng Loo punched me in the arm and Vincent helped me punch him back because we share the same surname. The Tan. :D Guys are rough, and after a while you get used to it anyway.

Ping Kuang was in his hamsap mode and kept talking about indecent shits. Was busy copying Accounts homework for being absent. Some of the things he say makes people want to slap him. A while ago he had nosebleed and a drop of it went onto my Physics book. It was at the side and so stained more than half of the pages. :(

A lot of people asking for money. When people come for money I feel like swatting them off like flies. We're students. We don't have much money to spare, OK. Civic project. Bleurgh. Buy paint to paint the school. Pay money and do the work. How rewarding. Now that I think about it, I have to stay back for 6 hours tomorrow. I want to fly off early. Family Day on Saturday.

And one more pic before signing off. :D
The ruffles of this shirt are shrunk now, need to iron them out!

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