Saturday, 24 July 2010


Hi. Loaded post.

Was supposed to go to Atiqah's birthday today but something came up. Went din-din with family and Mei Yen instead. Sorry & Happy birthday if you're reading this. :(

Mei Yen wanted to go out badly because after the sitting position changed we've been a bit stressed. Boring lah. And I was going out for dinner so I asked her to follow me. :D

I think we look alike, and it's true that as you spend more time with a person you influence each other. People will believe we're sisters. Same surname somemore!

Mei Yen asked me to camwhore on this on. A mirror in F.O.S. Cheap clothes.

OK, so I was camwhoring inside of the fitting room(to see how the clothes look like). And then I shouted, "Eh, looks nice!" and Mei Yen was in the next cubicle. So she asked me to come out and see.

....AND GUESS WHAT? We picked the same clothes. Hahahahaha deja vu.

And then next we had Starbucks on-the-go. Don't usually drink Starbucks because I hate coffee and such. Mei Yen got iced latte but didn't like hers. I got green tea frappucino. Got it because I saw nigahiga on youtube talking about it(years ago). Said it look like diarrhea but tasted awesome. And it did taste pretty awesome. Except that after a while the sugar or whatever feels too much.

OK, and then in the car Mei Yen couldn't stand her drink so we decided to mix it with mine. No difference.

And yes, ultra vain post but once in a week only! :D I like how the camera lies, how it is forgiving on blemishes and imperfections. So don't trust pictures. ;]

Mei Yen wants me to post this on facebook. Lazy. Maybe later. I don't like posting pictures on facebook because I can't tell the story behind the picture. Though it's fun to tag. I don't know.

And I like that I have a bestfriend. Having a clique is fun, but I always hear about feuds within cliques.

I'm excited to magically print all my blog content into a book. MUAHAHAHA.

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